Don't forget the link. Here's how to post one, Part Next

IMPORTANT: if you want to use “automatic links” put a space in front of it or the software won’t add {url} and {/url}.


Please reference columns you are talking about like this:

That’s like this, but with [square brackets] wherever you see {curly ones}.

Cecil’s column:

{url=“”}What is Don McLean’s song “American Pie” all about? (14-May-1993){/url}
Easy way: click on the quote field below and copy.
Don’t forget go back to where you want to comment and paste into your message.
Then edit to fit your reference.


• The small print people start answers with was entered in the “Post subject:” slot
• to get a blue line (light, bold, or italic) make it look like a link (click Quote below to see how it’s done)
This is not a real link.
I just like blue.
• Replace the {'s with ['s for small letters raised or lowered.
** [sub]{sub}[/sub]** and [sup]{sup}[/sup]
• To find smilies :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: start to reply, and on the top of that page are tiny blue links named “Smilies” and “vB code”
• To use bold, italic or underscore, ***see “vB code” ***



Here’s a new twist, combining-wise.

Iswote’s sig is

[sup]Welcomed [/sup][sub]by [/sub]Cecil

Okay, let’s see how this looks…

So far, so good. Now let’s try the link with alternative text:

For a great site about mosquitoes, go here

Far-out! Thanks Show_Biz.

To put special characters into a message, use the
Character Map accessory.
(In Windows in the Start/ Programs/ Accessory list.
Apple has a similar tool.)

It displays a grid of all the characters. (Be sure you’re in the same font you see on SDMB, or they won’t show up.)
You click on a character, and it appears in the window. Push Copy and then come back to the post window and Paste (under the Edit pulldown, or ctrl-v).

That’s all there is to it. Nothing to remember, no long hex codes.


Here’s a trick discovered by Arnold Winkelried, which puts a colored box around a smiley.

You don’t need an actual link to get the color:
:slight_smile: :frowning: :cool: :confused:

Click on Quote button to see details.

:slight_smile: :frowning: :cool: :confused:
:slight_smile: ;):g

Well, just so I get this right, I’ll practice posting my site I just got up.

Visit my site!

It seems to change color, blue to red to purple, when you touch it.

Chicago weather

Colditz Guard


This thread has been a huge help, so…

This was probably correcting a bug of some kind on oversizing the gif box.

Hover your cursor over the Quote link, and get the post# in the browser status line. (Or some other methods mentioned.)

Then plug it into the links below, which goes to where I found this out (the one pointed to will be positioned at the bottom of the screen)

Arnold’s link (at bottom of screen):

Arnold’s method to get post# (at bottom of screen):