Upcoming My Sims game? (for Wii)

Moon Unit has mentioned that there’s a My Sims game (for the Wii), that is supposed to be released around June of this year. She’d dearly love to have it pre-ordered for her birthday (tomorrow).

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the name is. Anyone have any ideas?

I had thought it was My Sims Kingdom but that appears to be already available.

My Sims Racing?

That doesn’t ring a bell, but thanks. I’ll see if I can discreetly sound her out on the actual one she wants. I could have sworn it was My Sims Kingdom but that one appears to already be available at Amazon.

MySims Party is the only other MySims game announced besides Kingdom (which came out last year) and Racing (which comes out this Summer). It was released last week.

Thanks all - it turns out what she wanted was Sims 3, which is scheduled for June 2. And it’s a PC game, not a Wii game, which further misled me. I found this out by dint of flat-out asking her.

Oh well, she wasn’t going to be surprised by it anyway. She’s quite thrilled (I got her the deluxe edition… not sure what the difference is really).