Upcoming on ABC tonight- "Happy Town", couldn't they just...

have asked David Lynch to give Twin Peaks another go? Because that’s just what it looks like, even down to having… is that Ben Horne or Leland Palmer?

Yeah, but instead of an old lady carrying a log, we have a fat guy eating a whole quart of ice cream…

I mean, that’s totally different.

That was the last scene of Cougar Town. L

I can’t believe I thought Sam Neill was Ray Wise or the Leland actor.

Based on the previews, I am reminded of American Gothic, more than Twin Peaks. TP had a lot of lighter moments between the creepy and the weird.

Wow, the show’s been over for a while, and no one has enough of an opinion to post? That’s not a good sign for the series…

Yeah, I have to say it’s Twin Peaks without the presiding genius of David Lynch. But I kept watching and I’ll tune in next week too, partly because Sam Neill is great as the oleaginous Merritt Grieves, but mainly because I have no life. :slight_smile:

“The third floor of the boardinghouse is strictly off-limits. But I like to leave the door open just so it’ll be really tempting. Ooooh, don’t you just want to climb those spookily lit stairs right this instant? And I feel no need to invest in a nice, sturdy lock. That would be downright silly.”

The pilot earned at least another viewing, but it’s no slam dunk, either. I’m kind of hoping they’ll find a way to shoehorn in an old Replacements song titled, well, “Happy Town.”

Crap, I forgot to record this.

I was gonna watch but Alan Sepinwall talked me out of it..

I recorded it, but won’t see it until the weekend.

I like it when shows try to be creepy and set up lots of complex relationships/stories/mysteries from the get go - ala “American Gothic”.

This one, I’m not so sure - its like they tried to shove way too much into the first episode - and you already know that 90% of them wont lead where they seem to - which means the writers are trying to make ‘twists’ - trying to hard.

Anyway - we’ll give it a few more eps - if it survives - this could be really good - or it could be as bad as they get.

. . . and shortly thereafter, I changed the channel. There’s probably more nuance in an installment of Goosebumps.

In the short time that I watched, one thing stood out to me - the terrible casting of the Sherrif’s son’s daughter, who looks to be at least eight or nine ( she’s about four feet tall and her two top adult incissors are coming in - about half way) yet she is supposed to be in the spring term of her first grade year. That’s six , maybe seven. I know it’s not as egregious as the casting decisions in say Grease, but it just looks bad. If the girl looks like that in first grade, I have to assume she’s been held back.

I wish they had just brought back American Gothic. I was sooo sad when that got dropped.

The only reason I have any interest is Amy Acker (Angel, Alias, Dollhouse)
But I decided that wasn’t enough and didn’t watch.


– or anywhere.

I think the writers of Lost are responsible for making me feel like “why should I care about [insert mysterious plot point* here]?” It won’t be clearly explained, or be important in the long run, or the explanation will be contradicted later…
*Hey, what WAS the deal with that black horse that Kate saw way back when? Do the writers care if they end the series with me wondering about that? Nope.

I was hoping this thing might be good, but I guess not! Matt Roush of TV guide practically ordered his readers to skip it - just skip it!

Every time I see that stupid commercial “HAPPY TOWN…don’t let the name fool you.”

I say “it’s actually more of a village!”

And then I think of The Simpsons

OK fine who is Chloe, what’s on the third floor, who is the Magic Man, etc? And I loves me some Amy Acker. And “Our Daily Bread” is a cool name for a bread factory. I’m intrigued by the mysteries.

But…why is it a series? It stinks of mini-series/limited series, like Harper Island. I hope they realize that dumping it at the end of April is the equivalent of airing it on Fridays. There’s no way this is going to pick up steam. Best to make it a limited series with a definitive mystery solving finale after 13 episodes. I’ll stick it out, but if the ratings continue to not be wonderful they better reveal all!

For some reason it reminds me a little of 30 Days of Night.

And wow when I heard Amy Acker couldn’t be a regular on Dollhouse because of something she was in called Happytown, I didn’t expect a series like this, or a series that would air sooooo late in the year.

I will give it another one or two tries - but so far I am not hooked.

I really had high hopes for this show since it reminded me of American Gothic. I barely sat through the whole thing. I doubt I will watch it again next week.