Upcoming Simpsons Episodes! *Spoilers*

If you missed Friday’s USA Today it had big section on The Simpsons, including some hints as to what was going to be on upcoming episodes! If you don’t want the suspense spoiled, then back out now!

Okay, now that the other folks have gone, let me list what’s supposed to be happening in future eopisodes:
[li]Ian McKellen’s going to be guest starring in an episode called “God Save the Queen” where the Simpsons go to London.[/li][li]Krusty runs for congress.[/li][li]Skinner and Krabappel get married.[/li][li]A take-off on Evita with Lisa as the Evita Peron of Springfield Elementary.[/li][/ul]
Wonder how they’ll turn out?

Well, I was amazed when I read the other day, in a Reebok ad no less, that the 300th episode is the 16th of February. I haven’t anything else on it toher than that one ad.

Also, the current Simpsons contract is scheduled to run out in 2005, IIRC, and at that point, it’ll be the longest running sit-com in TV history.

Actually, the 300th episode was on 1/12/03 if you count the Christmas Special or last week if you don’t. Fox is just promoting the 2/16 episode as the 300th much like NBC ran a 20th aniversy episode of SNL in it’s 19th season. Likely they’re miscounting to get the advantage in the sweeps.

Technically, the episode last week where Marge uses strength to overcome her agoraphobia was the 300th. I’m guessing Fox isn’t counting Simpsons Roasting… and counting both parts of Who Shot Mr. Burns? as one episode.

Here’s the article mentioned, with 300 tidbits for the 300th episode.

That still throws them off a week, though, since if you count Who Shot Mr. Burns as one then tonight’s episode is #300.

Maybe network execs just aren’t capable of counting. :slight_smile:

Well, it IS Fox we’re talking about…

“Now, son, they do a lot of quality programming as well. HA HA HA HAH HA HAH!”

“The Simpsons are going to London!” Let’s see - they go somewhere, and there’s a guest star. Apart from a few inevitable LOTR/X-Men references, this one will suck.

Has possibilities. I’ll say it’ll be OK, but not great.

Eh. Too gimmicky. Won’t work well.

Very original. This sounds hilarious to me.