update on no good atheists

I finally talked to my fundie friend the other day.
I had started a thread in Great Debates on the subject of atheisism, in which she said only chrsitians did good things.

Well, I told her that the thread brought 2 to my mind, Carl Sagan and Bill Gates.
She didn’t know who Sagan was.
But then she said that “people TRY to do good” meaning I guess that unless youre a chrsitian, what you do isn’t really good.
Oh well.
just thought I’d let you know.

Sounds like once again a religious person seesm to believe that us atheists have no basis for morality.
Quite frankly I consider that natural rights theory is the best possible basis for morality. not religion, but you will never win this one with a fundie, no matter how nice they may be.

I may have missed it in the first thread, but what does your friend think of people of other religions, doing good?

People of “other religions” aren’t going to Heaven and aren’t Christians.
The only reason people are moved to do good is becasue God moved them to do so.
Anyone else, ala Bill Gates (assuming he’s not a chrisitna, I dunno) is just an ATTEMPT to try to be good, but all good deedsd done without God are useless.
I think thats her ideas.
I know…but I try.

People like that move me to commit extreme violence. Imagine not knowing who Carl Sagan is!

But if you don’t believe in God, and that is what is required to be “good”, then why attempt to be good?

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I’ve never understood this line of reasoning. If the only reason you are moved to do good is that God moved you, then where is the virtue in it? My knee-jerk reply to this quote is “well, you can’t blame someone for doing bad, then. It just means that God chose not to move them.”
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That’s why I’m just very bad.

So, tell me again what it is we find so appealing about this religion? :wink:


I’m not really bad.

I’m just drawn that way.

My reaction is, “So, basically, you’re not really doing good. You’re just trying to fake God out, right?” Kinda like trying to make your boss think you’re working when you’re really surfing the Straight Dope.

That wasn’t a very Christian thing to say… perhaps she should go back and actually study the man whom she claims to be following! :roll:

Amy Grant like, totally rocks, dude.

And the Wiccans keep looking (and sounding!) better and better and better . . .

:shudder: Amy Grant?! :shudder: :shudder: :shudder:

Bill Gates just wants you to think he’s an atheist.

He’s acutally Satan.

What good things has Bill Gates done? He’s been successful certainly, but I don’t know about good.

Athiest checking in.

He’s donated several billion dollars to charity (primarily in the healthcare and arts fields I think). That qualifies as good in my opinion

Whoa there. There it is a little deep for MSPIMS :wink:

I think the atheists in this board have been exposed to an especially obnoxious brand of christian. I apoligize for that - it is possible to be a christian and not feel the need to draw wandering generalizations about the life of others.

Technically, the doctrine is that a soul, and therefore conscience is from God. But, part of being human is that we have free will, and get to make our own decisions. But to say that “only a christian can do good” is implying not only that non-christians do only bad, but that a christian can’t do bad. Obviously, that’s just stupid. I consider myself a christian, and I do crappy stuff all the time. That’s what being a human being is all about.

As far as what faith you intend to follow, it is your choice. All faiths believe that their way is the way to salvation. Please, however, don’t write christianity off as a concept because of the nutjobs you have been exposed to. Besides, you know that there are “fundies” of all faiths - people so ademant in whatever they believe in - including atheism - you want to back off with your hands up and say "Whoa. Are you listening to you? " But, hey. Without the extremes, there would be no middle, right?

Indeed-you can’t paint the whole religion with such a broad brush. I’ve actually met a few Christians who have managed to overcome their religion and do good works in spite of it.

(OK, should I run to the Great Debates forum now, or straight to the Pit? :smiley: )