Update on the bones and the doctor (from the pit)

Good news!

Saw the doc today and had an x-ray. Turns out it’s an overdeveloped clavical. :rolleyes: He thinks maybe a ligament or two gave up the ghost and it’s just not as tightly held in place. So basically there’s nothing to do for it and nothing to worry about. Would’ve been nice to know that Friday :smack: :smack:
So thanks for all the kind words from the other thread. They were appreciated. :slight_smile:

Very good, duffer, that is exactly what I was hoping for. Please tell me you didn’t stay up all night worrying yourself ragged about it.

Can you provide a link to the pit thread…for some reason I’m picturing a reverse hump-back or perhaps a second head.

Anyhoo, glad you are OK…you are OK, right? Sounds like you were worried 'bout it.

I’m glad to hear it was nothing of consequence. :slight_smile:

Which one is the clavicle? The shoulder blade?

Oh, and sorry about that. Overgrown bones and loose ligaments are no fun.

Clavicle’s the collarbone, scapula’s the shoulder blade. I get 'em confused sometimes, but I’m just getting over a chest injury, so it’s fresh in my mind.