Updates on my life

Some of you may have read this thread but if not, the deal is that my life has taken a turn for some major changes.

I’ve been at GT for 3 and a half years, the entire time scrapping and struggling for class grades. I didn’t party out. I didn’t ignore it all. I just didn’t put my heart in it. I didn’t force myself to study as much as I should have. When given the option of the Internet or class work, the Internet drew me in.

Failing out of a college will force you to do a lot of soul searching. Is it what I wanted? Is college for me? Was GT too hard for me? Is Computers where I want to be? There are a lot of questions that I have to ask myself, most of them ones which I haven’t answered.

So I’m still in quite a transition, but I’ve got my footing. My internship has decided to keep me on so long as I promise to continue my education. So I’ve got money. Still got a roof over my head since I lived off campus. And an amazing network of friends who have provided me endless support.

One thing the self study has brought to my attention was the truth about my lack of self discipline in many areas, as well as my need to lose weight for a happier life. So I’m going to look into martial arts classes as well when I get back into town after the holidays.

My life has a tendency of working itself out, it just takes it a little while to get rolling again. But I can at least say that there is indeed life after failure.