Upgrading from Mac G4 OS to Mac Intel: software upgrade questions

So I have on my Mac Mini G4:
Creative Suite 2
Acrobat 7
Office 2004
Toast 8
Stuffit 11

All Power PC platform apps. Am I faced with starting all over with new Intel-based full versions of these apps? I’m scared to death to try to upgrade these- it seems like there are so many different upgrade versions out there- if I get the wrong one and am unable to install it, I know I won’t be able to return it after it’s open. I just need the product code to upgrade the software, correct?

Is it just a matter of copying the apps over from the old Mini to the new via Firewire cable, and inserting the upgrade disc, at which point I’ll be prompted to enter the product code, and then it will upgrade it from a Power PC-based app to an Intel-based app? Why does this seem like it’s not going to work?

Any insight or calming words? :smiley:

You caused me to look and see what version of Toast I’m running om my Intel/OS 10.6.2. Turns out it’s Toast 6 Lite, version 6.1, Fri May 6, 2006. That predates the Intel transition, and it still makes CD’s just fine.
I am using Rosetta binary translation software (ie powerpc->Intel) as supplied with Snow Leopard. Be aware that Rosetta doesn’t install as part of the default Snow Leopard installation, bu you can select it as part of a custom installation, or install it after installing Snow Leopard.

It’s been a while since I upgraded Adobe Apps, but I think that they will accept the Original serial number or install disk as proof of ownership - I don’t think you actually need the Apps installed to upgrade.

I have an Epson printer driver dated 2004. It is apparently PPC code that runs fine under the Rosetta emulator on my Late 2009 27" iMac. If you install PPC software and you don’t have Rosetta installed, the first time you run it, the system will ask you whether you want to install Rosetta and than install it. It did this when I copied my user account from my old Mac to my new one via Migration Assistant and then started everything up. Didn’t even have to reinstall CS4!

best words you can hear: relax.

you can transfer the apps over to the new machine without trouble. They will not be Intel-based, they will still be PPC apps and they will run under emulation. I don’t have experience with these particular programs, but 99% (all of mine) of the PPC apps run just fine. To get better performance, you might want to buy upgraded copies, but that is your choice.

It doesn’t sound like you have a problem-kick back and enjoy!

Thanks for that- I’ll look out for it!

Well maybe I’ll look into upgrading the CS app and leave the others alone. Unfortunately the CS app was the one I had the most trouble trying to upgrade the last time. It’s moved to several different machines (new purchases and post-system crash computer replacements) I’ve had over the years, and I always have trouble getting Apple to believe that it’s not a pirated copy.