Upgrading my Droid (mobile phone)--any suggestions?

I have an Incredible 2 which is starting to give me problems; it is the 3rd of this model (the other two I had to switch out within weeks) and it looks like I can upgrade through my service provider (Verizon) without taking a very big hit when you factor in the rebate.

So, does anyone have any advice or suggestions about these models?

Galaxy S III
Moto X
Razr M

I am not really much of an app guy and my needs are fairly simple. I would like to take nice pictures and maybe even a video, but I mostly text and do basic internet stuff so I don’t need a whole lot of power or sophisticated playback capabilities.

Thanks for any insights you may have! :slight_smile:

There’s really no reason to consider the S III when you have the S IV in consideration…and if you want to wait a little while (a month or so,) I believe the Galaxy S5 will be out (it was just announced this week.)

The next iteration of the HTC One is also coming soon.

That being said, I have the HTC One and I like it…don’t love it. HTC and Samsung love to “fork” the version of Android they put on their phones so they’re not like stock Android, nor are they like each other (the do this so if you buy their Android phone, you’ll be familiar with it, and then if you try out a competitor’s, you won’t like it because it’s different and go back to theirs.) HTC’s “interference” with Android is slightly less than Samsung’s, on average, but I still don’t like it. In fact, I dislike it so much I installed a new ROM on my phone. If you’re not a technical person, than you aren’t going to want to do that.

Personally, I’d go with the Motorola X. It’s basically stock Android, and has great specs (and unlike the Galaxy series and the One, there isn’t a new version due out in a couple months.)

I think you can even go online to the Moto Maker to get a customized version (sexy wood backs.)

I have the Nexus 5. It’s pure Android, decent enough, and for sale for only 350-400. Because I bought it unlocked I was able to go to T-Mobile’s prepaid plan, so I pay 30/mo for 100 minutes, unlimited data and texts.

The Note II/Note III makes a fabulous pocket tablet as well as doing everything else the smaller formats do.

I didn’t bother mentioning it because MovieMogul said he/she has Verizon, and the Nexus 5 sin’t available on Verizon.

However, MovieMogul is certainly free to cancel their Verizon contract, buy a Nexus 5 direct from Google, and go to another carrier.

Thanks, but yeah, I’m pretty comfy with Verizon and that price point is more than I want to pay anyway. With the trade-in and rebate, all the models I listed won’t cost me more than $150 (including tax) plus an extension of my contract, which is perfectly serviceable for my interests.

Thanks for your detailed rundown as well. I’m a relatively uncomplicated guy so I appreciate something that’s simple, intuitive, and low-maintenance.

I just got the Galaxy S4 Mini and I’ve been happy with it. It was a little cheaper and a little smaller than the regular Galaxy. I am also uncomplicated, I message and browse, check maps and train schedules, and maybe take a photo of the dog now and again. My last phone was an old 3G so now I feel like I’m flying.

Obviously I’m not a phone expert or anything. Maybe there was a better phone out there for me but if so I am blissfully unaware.

btw I’m also Verizon.

One last bump before I make my choice tomorrow

I got a RAZR M about a year ago and have been very happy with it. I can’t say how it compares to the others though.

A tip that I got from the guy at the Verizon store was to upgrade through Amazon rather than Verizon. My phone, for example, would have cost $50 to upgrade through Verizon, but only cost me one cent on Amazon.

Well, surprise surprise, Verizon did a bait & switch with the upgrade: If I upgrade w/their offer, I have to lose my current plan (which includes unlimited data currently). So fuck that shit.

But my phone is still having problems, so I need to upgrade, but buying the phone out-of-pocket, which means a cheaper phone. So any opnions on the Siii Mini or the S4 Mini? Those are the two cheapest phones I saw.


I’m on Verizon too, also with unlimited. If I were you I’d consider buying a gently used phone on eBay from a high-feedback seller. Last-gen phones lose value pretty quickly and you can get a decent device for much less money than buying one new.

And see if you can get anything for your old phone from Gazelle.com. Old Androids aren’t worth much, but anything is better than nothing. :slight_smile:

I have unlimited data with Verizon also, which is why I’m not even looking at the deals they offer me. When my RAZR Maxx HD dies, I will just get an off contract and keep on going. Just wish I could drop them, they suck in so many ways.

Thanks (and the Verizon ancillary dealership suggested the same thing), but I need this phone in 48 hours, so really don’t have the time to go sifting around. Not sure which of the Minis is better, but I’ll need to decide soon (probably 4G) because I fly out Wed. night and need something fully functional by then.

Thanks to Lok, too–advice I may pursue in the future when I’m not so under the gun, alas.

Not sure what sort of problems you have, but if the phone has just slowed down or has software glitches, you might consider backing everything important up then doing a Factory Reset on your phone. It will likely be much speedier afterwards. Sure you’ll have to reinstall your apps and reconfigure everything, but you would have to do all that with a new phone anyway.

I hope I’m not too late, but the Moto G Google Play edition is only $200 or less, if I’m not mistaken. It has stock android, nice screen and decent internals.

If you want to pay more, and get a better version, get the Nexus 5.

Looks like I am starting my purchasing of off contract phones sooner than I thought. Dropped my phone Tuesday night, for probably the 12th time, but this time the glass shattered. :smack: Can still use it, but have to be careful scrolling. Have to start looking at what is available that I can afford. :frowning: