Upper Michigan

Why is Upper Michigan part of the state of Michigan, the 2 Michigans don’t even border each other.

Because Ohio got Toledo.

After the “Toledo War” of 1835, Michigan was forced to accept a compromise which granted Toledo to Ohio and the western UP to Michigan in order to be accepted into the Union.

Ohio and Michigan almost got into an actual interstate war over the city of Toledo in the early 1800’s. (Yeah, Toledo!). The federal goverment stepped in and gave the UP to Michigan as a compromise. For the longest time Michigan thought they got screwed in the deal. Today, the UP is the playground of the state.

Because Ohio got Toledo. That’s the short answer.

Michigan and Ohio were both interested in the “Toledo Strip” at the mouth of the Maumee River. As part of a compromise reached by Congress, it was given to Ohio and Michigan was granted a larger portion of the upper peninsula.

Do a search for the “Toledo War” for more information.
Upon preview, what Uncle Beer said

North of 8 Mile indeed. Gotcha by a whole minute there, Amigo. Ohio (I’m in a Toledo 'burb which tucks right up against the state line) defeats Michigan again!

Anyway, here’s a pretty good page for Karen detailing the history of the UP.

I used to live in Toledo, aka Zero City. Trust me; Michigan got the far, far better end of the deal.

Hey!!! I live just outside of Toledo, and I represent that remark… :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be noted for clarity that Ohio didn’t own the Upper Peninsula; it was part of the Wisconsin Territory before they gave it to Michigan. So, Ohio got a strip of land that included Toledo, Michigan got the Upper Peninsula, and the future state of Wisconsin got cheesed. :eek:

Yeah, if your idea of “playground” includes cheap beer and snow :slight_smile:

It wasn’t necessarily in the cards that Wisconsin might have had Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, under any circumstances. Large territories often had names later inherited by a smaller state carved from them. For example, Oregon Territory covered what are now the states of Washington and Idaho, some of Montana, as well as the present state of Oregon of course.

Yeah, the state of Minnesota was carved out of the ‘Wisconsin’ territory, also.

If all current states had the name of the territories they came from, then Louisiana is going to be one really big state.

Mine does! Course, I’m from the U.P.

At least some of the U.P. was always part of the Michigan Territory, as well. The best online cite I could find shows that it would be pretty much Mackinac and Chippewa counties. Others showed it going as far west as Marquette, or so.

Those are just a couple of things included in my playround. :wink:

BTW, I am from Ohio and went to OSU. How about them Buckeyes! :cool:

Yeah, I know, you’re following in my footsteps. Born & raised in the UP, then 11 years in Colorado… now back in the UP. If you’re lucky, you’ll keep following me :slight_smile: I’ll keep the beer cold, just in case.

Whenever I talk to someone about the Michigan-Ohio war over who got Toledo, I always make sure to point out that Ohio lost. :smiley:


So, the football rivalry between the University of Michigan and OSU is just a continuation ofv the Toledo War by other means? That explains a lot!
OSU vs. Michgan

Yes indeed. I love living in Michigan now, but every November the old battle flags and taunting starts up again. I guess I’ll always be viewed as a spy in enemy territory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go packers

Say ya to da UP

Say NO to Sulfide Mining in the UP

This probably Since there are probably a few resident yoopers reading this, what’s the buzz locally on putting the salmon trout and yellow dog at risk?

I’m afraid I live with the trolls nowdays. It barely makes the papers down here.

There’s a lot of negative press about it, and people are organizing to fight Kennecott and what they want to do. As happens so often in these types of things, I’m afraid it’s going to come down to who has the most money. Luckily it’s caught the attention of some of the more monied people in town, and the Huron Mountain Club has come out against it.

Still, it’s not like everyone’s against it. There’s a lot of people who think it’s going to bring jobs to the area, even though most of what I read says that Kennecott has a history of bringing in their own people for everything but the lowest level crap jobs. That coupled with the enormous probability of a great deal of pollution resulting from the mines doesn’t paint a very happy picture.

News can be found here.

And before anybody hits the report button on this, it has nothing to do with The Name That May Not Be Called on SDMB; it’s an “affectionate” term used by Upper Peninsula folks for those who live on the Lower Peninsula, i.e., “below the [Mackinac] Bridge.”