UPS Standard Shipping question

I have a package scheduled to be delivered today but I will be out of town until late tonight. The package was shipped using “UPS standard” delivery. I haven’t dealt with this type of “standard” delivery before so I was wondering if a signature will be required or if they will just leave the package at the door. Does anyone have any idea if I should worry about being here to sign?

I scoured the UPS web site and they don’t describe “standard” on the U.S. site (though they do on sites for other countries). You probably saw “standard” from wherever your placed the order, which is probably their default shipping method. I think “standard” usually means ground, as opposed to 2nd day air, overnight, etc. The way they move the package is unrelated to whether a signature is required. I have received shipping packages from UPS three ways:

[li]No signature required. Hope your neighbors are honest and it’s still on your doorstep when you come home.[/li][li]Signature required, but a neighbor can sign for it if you’re not home.[/li][li]Signature required by adult at delivery address. This was a pain because I am at work during the day and I had to drive to a UPS office to pick it up.[/li][/ul]

You should contact the place you ordered it from and ask them how they ship.

Quite often, whether or not a package is left at the door is a judgment call by the driver. If the driver feels it’s safe to do so, they’ll generally leave it, (saves them the annoyance of a return trip tomorrow) unless there’s a notation on the package that it’s insured at a high value. Typically, that’s noted with “DV” on the label.

UPS leaves packages for us all the time. We have a secluded back porch so there’s no real threat of it getting stolen.