UPS Trucks

This could be considered a general question I guess, but it is so utterly unimportant that I’m putting it here.

Why are UPS trucks beeping at me??? I just walked to lunch and three UPS trucks, all with different drivers, beeped at me and every other person on the sidewalk, and all the drivers waved. I’m in New Carrollton, MD outside of D.C. Do they do this were you live?

Might want to check and see if your blouse is buttoned.

Are you sporting any new, unauthorized tattoos?

It wasn’t just about me. They were beeping at everyone.

Maybe they like being polite? I know a few of the drivers in our area are pretty nice folks.

Brendon Small

Perhaps the drivers all wanted to drive on the sidewalk, and ya’ll were in their way?

Maybe its just a little niceness that UPS wants you to remember. You know, as opposed to the surliness exhibited by those other delivery company’s drivers. So when you need a delivery service, you think to yourself about how nice those UPS guys are and how surly those other jerks are. As so you toss you delivery business to the nice guys instead of the surly ones.

Edited by LouisB due to a different idea: Maybe all those UPS trucks were driving in reverse and the automatic “watch out because I’m backing up” beeper kicked in.

Ex-UPS driver here.

One of the 5 (6?) Major Driving Rules drilled into your head while training at UPS is: “Make Sure They See You”. In my day, at least, we were encouraged to beep the horn anytime we started to move the truck (especially around pedestrians). We were taught to beep when we backed up* into the dock, beep when the guy at the stop sign wasn’t looking your way, beep when coming around blind corners, etc.

New drivers are more likely to honk at everything they see, than the old salts. Don’t know if that’s the case in your situation, tho’

*My driving days predate the backup-beeper that is so common now on delivery and construction vehicles.

My ups guy always beeps when he pulls up to the house. That way, I’m at the door to receive the package.

On days when there aren’t enough packages to deliver, they sell ice cream.