Motor vehicles that beep when they reverse: a dying breed?

These days there don’t seem to be as many trucks, buses and other vehicles that beep when they drive in reverse. (A GREAT invention, IMO.) Is it my imagination or is it a fact?

I’m pretty sure they still do. The shuttle bus in my college that dropped me off at my room a few hours ago beeped as it backed up, so there’s some evidence for you!

I think it’s your imagination. They’re still out there in great numbers.

My light truck beeps, the person I bought it from had his brother put it in. Doesn’t do much for me since I can’t hear it.

On construction and manufacturing sites, OSHA regulations require backup beepers. Out on the roads, however, I believe it depends on state highway codes.

Second to Early Out. All pieces of construction equipment are required to have working backup alarms. It doesn’t help a whole lot when ten of them are going off at once, though!

fire engines and ambulances have reverse beeping sounds.