Upstairs neighbor is a peeping tom (listener), what should I do?

My upstairs neighbor every day spends almost all of her time listening to me. She has a squeeky floor and everwhere I go she follows. She’s doing it right now:rolleyes:. Yeah this messed up woman listens to me while I’m on the computer, watching tv, taking a shower, using the restroom, cooking and everything else. Do I also listen to her? Yes but only because she follows me everywhere:rolleyes:.

I realize I sound paranoid. Why would anybody care what I do? I guess she is a voyeur. I want my privacy:rolleyes:. Assuming I am right what can I do? I plan on moving but I can’t do that for private reasons for at least a month. She is 16 years older than me. I have confronted her and she completely denied this occuring.

Is what she does illegal.? How could I prove it if so? Maybe I could buy a small radio, put it right below a ceiling vent, and play it loudly (have to get extension cord also.) Would it be stupid to tell the apartment manager?

I am going a little crazy having no privacy:rolleyes:. I am a guy disabled and spend the majority of my time here alone. Privacy is maybe the best part of my life. No rules. But it’s hard to enjoy this freedom with Ms. old, fat, ugly, lying, thieving, spying bitch upstairs. I have often called her this and much worse recently while she listens upstairs to make it less enjoyable but it hasn’t helped. She probably likes the attention.

Any advice would be welcome…

Thieving? Spying?

Move. Tough it out for one month.

Yeah that makes the most sense. Thanks…

As a matter of fact, yes, you do.

For now, wait a month and move. If people are listening to you at your next place as well, my advice will be rather different.


How can she “follow” you? Can she see through the floor? What did she steal?

How do you know she’s listening to you?

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The General Questions section is usually for things that have a factual answer, and the In My Humble Opinion is where people will give you advice. Are you looking to know your legal options, or for advice?

Anyway, all I can do is give my opinion. The moderators might move this to the IMHO section.

Anyway, if she’s old, there’s probably not a lot you can do to change her behavior at this point. And you said you can’t move for at least a month…but I don’t understand. Do you plan to move, or only will move if you have to?

If you’re already moving anyway, just take measures to make the situation a little more bearable until you do so.

I would take some enjoyment in making her life a little more difficult and confusing if you can…but that’s just me.

–Begin one activity in one room to throw her off, and then immediately go to another room and do something else. For example, go to the kitchen, turn on a radio, bang some pots and pans around as if you’re beginning to cook, then leave the radio on and as quickly and quietly as possible, go to your computer room.

–You said you’re disabled. Has she ever made any insults or comments about your disability? That would probably give you a lot of legal options right there.

–I would do lots of things to send mixed signals about who you are and what you do.

–For example, one day, leave your radio on an extreme right-wing talk show, and the next day, on extreme left-wing. I know you said you live alone, so I understand listening to radio programs you don’t like might not be worth it. Maybe you can leave the radio on in one room, then go in the other room and shut the door.

–Do you speak a foreign language? Nothing could be more frustrating to her than hearing you make all kinds of phone calls that she can’t understand.

–Regardless of whether you speak a foreign language or not, leave the TV on the Spanish channel every once in a while.

–Find some porn where the audio sounds like a legitimate sexual encounter, and let her imagine all kinds of things!

–Occasionally play children’s TV programs even though there are no kids in the house.

Is there a possibility that the construction of your building is such that when you walk, that movement is transferred to the walls and thence to the ceiling? In other words, you are simply hearing the creaking of your own steps, albeit in the ceiling. Sounds weird, I know, but I still can’t fathom how she would know where you were.

If you are alone most of the time, what is she listening to? Do you talk to yourself?

She is 26. That’s old?

Where does it say that?

In the OP:

Well played, sir.

Give her her money’s worth (so to speak). Moan in sexual ecstasy at random times. Conduct mock exorcisms (break into Latin at random moments). Master Tuvan Throat Singing. The list goes on.

You confronted her? Now she thinks you’re creepy and paranoid and is probably posting “my neighbor is a nutjob who thinks I can see through my floor” on some other message board.

Did anyone else read that as lissener?
My advice? You’re completely imagining things.

Knock thee times on the ceiling if you want her.

Twice on the pipes if the answer is no.

Play music through out the house.
That should cover your sound tracks.

I’m not seeing anything this poor woman is doing wrong. She’s living in her own apartment, probably wishing you weren’t so damn loud. If you make noises that can be heard outside your living space, the fault is yours, not hers.

Also think you may want to talk to a medical professional. Sounds to me like there may be some issues that need addressing.

May I recommend Klingon Opera? I think I shall.