Upworthy through the centuries:

200 BC: See 7 Weird Things Built by Mediterranean Civilizations.

50 BC: These Forms of Roman Entertainment Will Make You Depressed About Humanity.

33 AD: Centurions Crucify a Jewish Carpenter. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.

1517: Just When a Problem Like Corruption in the Catholic Church Seems So Big That We Can’t Do Anything About It, A Little German Monk Shows Us That We Can Do Something.

1776: What If There Were No Monarchy, No Tyranny, and No Taxation Without Representation?

1805: How a Little Guy from Corsica Made a Big Difference

1840: How the Cotton Industry Literally Thrives on Slavery

1848: I Used To Be Opposed to Capitalism. Then I Read This Book by Karl Marx. Now I’m Even More Opposed to Capitalism.

1862: Avoid Disease in Milk with this One Ridiculously Easy Trick

1863: This Guy Has a Brilliant Response to Anyone Who Says that the Civil War isn’t Worth Fighting


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I’d think most of civil wars in the past would’ve been fought over the merits of slideshow vs. article view (slideshowers are filthy heretics, FWIW).

Wars would be either worse or better, depending on how we recognize Poe’s law.

The Bible would be a bunch of pictures of Jesus with platitudes that don’t teach below them. Same with Shakespeare: “wow” “many damn spot” “cry haovc and let slip doges o war.” Although we’d at least know his true identity and which plays he wrote.

If I gave your post a thumbs up, there would be much confusion around the 50 BC date over whether I liked it or hated it.