Urban Fantasy Box Set: Alastair Stone Chronicles

My urban fantasy series, The Alastair Stone Chronicles, has been selling pretty well since I released the first book in March of 2015. Now that I’m up to four books, I’ve released an ebook box set including all four. It’s just a smidge under a 40% savings over buying them all separately, and you get almost 1,800 pages!

If you like urban fantasy with a supernatural thriller focus (I play in the same pool as the Dresden Files, albeit in the shallow end :slight_smile: ), take a look!


Thanks for looking!

Awesome - read the first one already, will pick up the rest.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy them!

I’m in. I love the Dresden Files and most urban fantasy in general. You have some great reviews and recommendations, so very happy to support a fellow doper!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to save some money but I’ll check it out after my next big paycheck!

Thanks, and hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

I bought this pack in addition to three of the individual books that I already had. (I guess I somehow missed the first book, Stone and a Hard Place.)

I quite enjoyed them. And as a bonus, some of two of the books took place in Las Vegas and the surrounding desert. Go, Nevada!

One question/comment, which might or might not be better discussed in a separate thread: there was no cell phone or Internet usage that I recall, even when that could have made the protagonists’ lives much easier (like trying to stay in touch with homeless people, or in looking at maps, or calling for a tow truck). It felt like it might be set in the early-to-mid 1990’s, rather than today. Was that the case? Or some other reason?

Still, I liked them, so thanks. And given the ending of book 4, I’m anxious to see what happens in book 5. (I assume you haven’t stopped, right?)

Glad you enjoyed them! And glad I apparently didn’t make any egregious Nevada errors (I did do my research, so I hope not. :slight_smile: )

The books are set in an alternate-universe version of our world (I figure heck, if magic exists, then it has to be an alternate-universe version, right?) where technology hasn’t advanced quite as fast, but social attitudes are more in line with the modern day. Tech will start appearing in the series soon–in book 6, one of the characters has a cell phone. I just wanted to start out without stuff that could really make mystery plots problematic. I wish I could use the “mages bork up technology” thing, but Jim Butcher kinda already covered that) :slight_smile:

I haven’t stopped! Book 5 comes out next month, and books 6 and 7 are done in first-draft stage and waiting for editing. I’ve got the series planned out to Book 13, and I anticipate more to come after that (I already have more ideas). If you want to keep up with upcoming announcements, you can join the mailing list at alastairstonechronicles.com. You even get a free novella!

ETA: Also, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d consider leaving me a review on Amazon, for the box set (which doesn’t have any yet) or for any of the individual books. Even a single-line review is helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

Just a heads-up if anyone was thinking about taking a look - the box set is on sale for 99 cents through this weekend (I got a BookBub deal!) 90% off regular price.

First of all: yoink! Purchased, though it’s currently sitting behind a wall of other books on my to-read list.

Second of all: that’s fantastic about BookBub! An author friend of mine recently had a free promotion there for one day, which resulted in something like 30,000 free downloads – and in the two weeks since he’s had about 1,000 PAID downloads for the normal-priced version. :eek:

According to their website, an average discount promotion for the “Supernatural Suspense” category results in 1,380 downloads. I hope it performs so well for you.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Oh, I understand completely. My to-read list is scary right now!

Thanks! I think it’s been live for two or three hours now (judging by the fact that my total sales were very low when I got up this morning) and I’m now sitting at 1,065 purchases. That means I’ve already paid off the promo, so everything beyond this is profit. Hoping that rate continues for a while - I’d love to hit #1 in at least one of my subcategories.

Just looked at your Amazon page.



Holy cats, I’ve been watching that all day and it just now changed. Thanks! :smiley:

If you want a vanity souvenir, go to the bestseller list for “Sword & Sorcery Fantasy” and take a screenshot with your collection two spots over from Harry Potter. (I did a similar thing when The Ventifact Colossus briefly shared screen real estate with Rothfuss, Jordan and Sanderson.)

So pleased to see a Doper having such success!

Ha, thanks! I just snagged that screenshot. :slight_smile:

Rothfuss, Jordan and Sanderson: that’s some pretty good company! Congrats to you too. :slight_smile:

Well, it was for about six minutes at the height of a (much smaller than yours) promotion, when I was briefly #86 in Epic Fantasy. Nothing like the lofty heights you’re reaching right now!

I picked them up from amazon.co.uk, where they are 99p. Looking forward to reading them, I love this kind of stuff!

I’m now at #19 in the whole Kindle store, and #1 in a bunch of my categories (beating out Harry Potter in some and Stephen King in others). This is kind of unreal, but I’m gonna ride it for as long as it lasts. :slight_smile:

Now that your BookBub deal is over, are you finding any “knock on” effect in terms of full price sales of your books?