Urban legend: The Russian doll birth...

Briefly, the urban legend is this: A girl gives birth. Her newborn child, a girl, is also pregnant. Russian doll effect. The utter absurdity of the story would seem to be self-evident…Then again
I recently read of a South african boy who had a full grown plant sprout from his eye after an airborne seedling fell there. So, is it possible?

I’ve not heard this story, but I would assume that its origins are in descriptions of teratoma, which are a type of tumor. These tumors contain cells (in various stages of growth) normally found in other parts of the body-including hair, teeth, etc.-which might lead to tales of children born already pregnant.

There are some spiders (or similar creepy-crawly things) that are born pregnant, but AFAIK this is unknown in mammals.

– Beruang

My WAG is that a woman gave birth to what was supposed to be conjoined twins.

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