Urban Meyer to Leave Florida?

Just announced on Meineke Car Care Bowl at 6:55 pm.


ESPN says its for health reasons. If someone as focused on football, and with that big an ego suddenly makes an announcement like that before a bowl game, I have to think he got back a doctors report with something really big. :frowning:

ESPN is reporting it as well. Health reasons being cited.

Yeah, I got to think there is something big beneath the surface of this decision. Timing is really odd. He is 45 yrs old and looks to be in very good shape.

As someone who thinks very highly of Urban Meyer (I am a proud alum of the University of Utah) I hope this is not the case, but as you pointed out, he is about as intense of a competitor as anyone alive today, and for him to announce this before the Championship game is certainly alarming…

I am going through my head trying to handicap the replacement for Meyer, and am coming up totally blank.

Harbaugh? Doesn’t feel like a good fit either way.

Weis? Bwhahaha.

Stoops? Maybe, but again doesn’t feel likely.

Gary Patterson? He fits the pattern of Meyers hire, but I know nothing about him.

Jim Zorn?

Maybe they offer Saban 7 Mil a year.

Man I am just blank on predicting this one.

Steve Spurrier?

Bobby Bowden? I kid!

TV said no immediate health risk

Mike Shanahan. He has Florida ties and they tried to hire him in 2002. Shanahan considered it but was given a sweet deal by the Bronco’s owner.

Meyer was admitted to the hospital with chest pains after the SEC Championship game. I’m guessing that some doctor spelled out the whichness of why to him, and made it clear that continuing coaching at this point would likely lead to a heart attack. He’s young enough he can step back, enjoy his life for a little without the pressure of a coaching job, then jump back in when he’s had a chance to address the health issues.

I like Urban Meyer; I think Florida made an excellent move when they took him and made him head coach. I like him MUCH better than I like Steve Spurrier. I hope they replace him with someone as classy.

Oh, man. As a Bama fan, I have a lot of respect for Meyer. I hope he’s OK. I had looked forward to a number of years of an intense Meyer/Saban rivalry.

As a Gator, this would be sad, but if it’s a health issue then I hope he can get better and enjoy the life that his hard work has helped him to earn.

cough soon to be revealed scandal/NCAA rules violation cough

ESPN earlier reported a heart muscle defect but Florida denied it.

Tough break for Meyer, he does a great job with that team. I think he had to make the announcement now. Whoever takes over has to get out and do damage control with the recruits today.

coughWith Crocodile Tears Tebow not at Florida next year, either, who would want to coach a team with its only star gone?cough

Knowing a bit (I think) about the way he runs his programs, I would be willing to bet you a cold beer (or a fiver) that there is no scandal/rules violation involved in his resignation decision.

Allow me to introduce you to Heart Disease, the Silent Killer.

(Not saying this is what the guy has, I actually have no idea who he is, but heart disease is something a “healthy” 45 year old person could very easily have.)

While Meyer never struck me as a sleazy guy, it can’t be denied that hehasn’t exactly recruited saints during his tenure there.

I read through the charges, but didn’t see anything that implied that Meyer ever sacrificed his reputation for a win. I saw a lot of



… but nothing to imply that Meyer was ever soft on crime. Is there an example in there that you think supports the idea that Meyer was soft on a criminal player?