Urbanredneck: Trifecta of ignorance.

Homophobe: Check!

Misogynist: Check!

Bigot: Check!
Living proof that hateful and ignorant is certainly one way to get through life.

The fact he’s a fan of Alex Jones/Infowars says it all.

You forgot anti-vaxxer.

The guy is either a troll, or just a run-of-the-mill nutcase. No need to really acknowledge him except to nod your head and say “uh huh” every once in awhile, hoping he gets off at the next bus stop.

Shocking. :rolleyes:

What are his views on gravity?

He is opposed, and blames Obama.

That’s the thing. Anyone with a lick of common sense and intelligence knows that Infowars is basically at war with reality. It is completely 100% fabricated bullshit and misinformation. It should be used as a sanity/mental competency test in that if you follow it and believe that nonsense, you are not competent to live in the real world and should instead be institutionalized for your own safety.

Anything in particular lead you to burn this bridge today, or was it just a general sense of malaise?

UR recently weighed in on the Muslim Peril (the last link in the OP).

I can see reading Infowars or listening to Alex Jones purely for entertainment, the way one might read Weekly World News or watch pro wrestling, just to see what outlandish claims they come up with, but fully aware that it’s horseshit. I mean, I don’t, never have, and will happily live out the rest of my days without ever doing so—but I can see how someone might.

If think you’re going to learn some hidden truths concealed by the government and media and exposed only through dogged investigation by amateur underground dot-connectors, or entertain even for one moment the idea that Alex Jones is anything other than a Trumpesque mountebank who’s laughing all the way to the bank while fleecing the socially inept, ignorant dupes who comprise the majority of his fan base, then… respectfully, I must differ.

I started going there just for the super male vitality, but after a few weeks, he started making sense…

Your correct.

The Earth sucks? :smiley:

Having an inkling of his actual living quarters, I kind of doubt he’s an an urbanite.

Since he stays under cover all the time, I don’t think his neck is very red.

In fact, I kind of doubt that he has a neck at all.

Deplorable, even.

Of course he is! He lives in a city that has an amazing thing called a “public library.”

Yes, but is he dumber than a doorknob?

It’s not a contest.

Fucking gravity! How does it work? Let’s go down to the quarry and set the machines to record it and find out!

You can add collegephobe to the list – higher education has never been part of Urbanredneck’s life in any way, so what good is it? Bunch of danged commie liberals, that’s all they are! There’s an undercurrent of hostility against higher ed and everyone in it running through many of his posts:

Urbanredneck is really a delightfully complete package!

One of my early introductions to this specimen was when he described this highly offensive personal affront that made him very, very angry:

One can’t blame him, of course. When you’re willing to spend a considerable premium to shop at the very best most prestigious top-tier retail establishment in the world, you have a right to expect a truly high class shopping experience. Needless to say, this means white shoppers only and certainly no oddly dressed foreigners. (Some may wonder how Urbanredneck knew that this couple were foreigners. Don’t be silly. Just look at them. Real Americans are sick of this sort of thing.)