URGENT--Adult Swim Question--Lupin III

What time (US Central) is Lupin III on?

I need to set my VCR, & the local paper’s TV Guide is magnificently useless.

I don’t know what Lupin III is, nor do I see it anywhere on the TV listing page, but you can find Cartoon Network’s daily schedule here

It comes on right after Home Movies which comes on right after Futurama.

Hey, have you tried www.tvguide.com? Enter 37129 (one of your local Zip Codes). Choose Cable. Choose Comcast. On Channel 26, the Cartoon Network for you go to Monday. It says 11PM - 11:30PM.

Sorry, I didn’t try and make that a hyperlink.

TV Guide listings.

Danggit! Now I got Comcast as my default cable guide. Oh well I never use them anyway.

Well now, Lupin III is on at 9:00 PM Pacific, so I’d reckon that’d be 10:00 PM Mountain, 11:00 PM Central, and 12:00 AM Eastern.

Except that all last week Cartoon Network was advertising some new cartoon from the creator of Aeon Flux at Midnight, and the “schedule” button on the Adult Swim website isn’t working, so I don’t know what that means for Lupin.

My TiVo guide lists Lupin at 11:30 Central this week, followed by YuYu Hakusho at midnight.

Just checked Osiris’ TV Guide link–it’s Inuyasha that’s getting the boot, not Lupin! Bastidges! Lupin will be on at 9:30 PST, so I guess you’ll need to program your VCR for 11:30 Central, Bosda.

I couldn’t find it on the Cartoon Network listing page. Wasn’t Lupin III an old manga from the 70’s?

Cartoon Network is showing the second Lupin III anime series (1977-1980) as part of their “Adult Swim” line-up. You need to go to http://www.adultswim.com for info on these shows.

Gr8Kat is right. I just assumed it was still on after Home Movies but couldn’t confirm since the particular webpage failed twice.

Futurama, Home Movies, Reigh, Lupin III, Yuyu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop.


Personally I say snag them all.

Got it.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

They just started Inu Yasha over at the beginning, which I assume means they’re out of dubbed eps for now. Hopefully they’ll resume when they get more.

According to this website, they’ll start showing new episodes of Inuyasha again in May. But I didn’t mind seeing the old ones again.

[sub]I just wish they’d start showing new episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho.[/sub]