Urgent! - Unemployment question.

Probably not many of you remember, but I posted in here not long ago that I got laid off from my job, and that it was actually kind of a windfall for a lot of reasons. I was basically told that it would be an extremely long-term layoff (up to six months if not permanent), but that I would be on the call-back list. I’ve spent the weeks of my layoff devoting much time and energy to my multi-challenged daughter (she has learning, emotional, and physical problems to deal with due to a genetic disorder), as well as attending graduate school.

I was tipped off two weeks ago by former coworkers that I am about to be called back due to another worker unexpectedly leaving the agency. The trouble is, early in my layoff, my car died. Then, because I assumed that I would not be called back (and I begin a new job related to my graduate scholarship program in August), I let my car insurance lapse, figuring I wouldn’t need it until summer was over. I’ve been driving my s.o.'s car when I need to go anywhere. If I get called back to my old job, it’s with their assumption that I still own and insure a car. Owning and insuring your own car are actual job requirements - we had to turn in copies of our policies every three months for our personnel files. Anyone who doesn’t do that can’t legally transport clients, and therefore can’t really do the job. However, I still qualify in every other way for the job (background check, licensure, education, etc. still the same).

The question is - do I still qualify for the job? If my old boss calls on Monday, and I say no, because I no longer qualify, could I conceivably still get unemployment pay, or would I be classified as “refusing work” and lose the unemployment? I live in Ohio, in case that makes a difference.

NOTE: I do NOT want to live and sap off unemployment or the government forever, just so you know. In fact, if they take away the unemployment, I’d probably do okay living on child support, financial aid, and part-time work until the job kicks in this summer. (Yes, I care what y’all think about this anonymous stranger!! Go figure!) I just wanted to know if it’s even possible to keep the unemployment in this situation.

Thanks in advance.


You shoud be okay.

You’re not refusing employment, you’re being upfront in admitting that you’re no longer qualified for the position, at which point the offer should/will be taken off the table.

I could offer you a position as an Air Traffic controller, but of course the offer is contingent on you being qualified, right?

Possible WAG,

If I’m reading this correctly, I would think you would need insurance on the date of re-hire, not necessarily on the date they offer the job. So, if you get a job offer, you could maybe then get insurance (which I’m sure you know really isn’t terribly difficult).


Difficult? The way I read the OP, the problem is one a a car that seems to need a lot of repairing, and then could be driven and insured. I can’t be sure, but I suspect that could add up to an impossible expnse. :frowning:

When I was unemployed in Maryland in the 90s, I had to document that I was continually seeking (and available for) employment.

Talk to your insurance agent about your situation and rent a car for a few weeks. I’d be shocked if they couldn’t work something out for you.

I would presume, that since you are driving your so’s car that you do indeed have insurance. Right?

Might it not be the case that the SO’s car is insured “for any driver”?