Urinals and Ice

Why do bars fill the urinals with ice?

Most don’t - but ice is handy and available, so they wouldn’t have to buy urinal cakes to cut down on urinal odors

Maybe they aren’t filling the urinal as much as dumping stale/waste ice or the waste drink bin into the urinal for convenient disposal. Any liquids would quickly drain away, and the ice would be rinsed clean in a few flushes. Dumping into a toilet can be ugly: ice floats.

This is pure speculation, but it may be that the cost of the ice is less than the cost of the water for many, many flushes.

They do this to clean out the ice in the ice machines from the night before.

Urinals are handy,

  1. every bar has them
  2. they wont get in the way as they melt
  3. a toilet wont flush good when it`s full of ice
  4. They use the sinks early in the morning for food prep and cleaning.
  5. some places just throw the ice out the back door.

There was a Straight Dope column on the subject, but a search didn’t find it. As I recall, there are many reasons:

Keeps the smell down.
Improves aim as men try to melt it.
Convenient place to dump it.
Provides continuous flush.
Kills little bug eggs that could be in there.

I hope you’re not saying they’re preparing food in the bathroom sinks…

I once asked a restroom attendant and he first said it was to keep your balls cool and upon further questioning he claimed it was to keep the smell down.

My WAG, it also cuts down on the splash factor.

Since when do guys flush after using a urinal at a bar?

Kitchens have sinks. Bathroom have lavatories.

Whenever I’ve head “lavatory,” it’s been used as a synonym for “bathroom,” rather than as a synonym for “sink.”

I’ve only seen this on TV. Is this common at most places you guys frequent? Are my clubs just not classy enough?

Point well taken. But with ice you don’t have to, or put in an autoflush system. As was mentioned, ice would tend to keep the odor down.

This reminds me of a story I read about some urinals in Europe having the design of a fly etched into the urinal. Men try to aim for it, and it’s located so as to minimize the splash.

Aim your browser (and nothing else)here

Someone apparently actually did a study and compared the “splash factor” and found it was lower with these urinals by 80%.