Ice in Urinals

Does anyone know why they (food service, bars, etc.) put ice in urinals.

Ice?! As in the stuff that’s solid water at 0°C?!

Surely you’re talking about the little fragent soap puck thingies?

Some places do put ice in the urinals. I’m unsure why.

Once, I was at a restaurant where there was ice in the urinals and a little plaque on the wall nearby which read: “We would like you to know that this ice is rarely used for your drinks. - The Management” :slight_smile:

No…actual ice. A number of places that I’ve been to have the ice in the urinals…If it was one place…ok, not big deal…maybe it’s just they way they get rid of it, but after the Xth place, I started wondering.

Belive it or not, this has come up on the SDMB before:

Ice in Urinals- Huh?

I thought it was just to provide a target for when drunk.

Thanks…‘Ice’ was under the 4 letter min for a search to work…

Wow! Never happens over here in NZ, must be an American thing.

Sorry for being so presumptuous. Guess I should look before I leap.

I work heavy highway construction, and I’m pretty used to using those facilities delicately referred to as “porta-johns.” (Actually, we call 'em shithouses, but that’s not very nice, is it?) During the main (summer) season, one of those bricks of mothball-smelling stuff is the norm, but when the weather gets really cold, the urinal is periodically filled with stuff that looks like ice, but is actually rock salt. It seems to be a pretty good way to keep a completely unheated shithouse from freezing, chemically anyway.

There must have been a lot of drunk penguins.

Tbone and Squirrel - no, it’s definitely ice. I’ve seen it at a few places in the UK. And I seem to remember they also do it at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. (I simply poured my money down the toilet there.)

And not just a few cubes; the whole urinal was piled full of crushed ice. My guess was that it somehow keeps the smell down - certainly the washrooms seemed fresher. It cools the air a bit, too.

Hey, r_k, please read the posts more carefully. I was talking about a porta-john, a little fiberglass shed with a seat and a urinal that sits outside on a construction site. They don’t put ice in 'em in the winter.

They do this in the local Perkins. IMHO, it substantially reduces the amonia smell, especially in hot weather.

I’ve also found that it reduces any splashing or spraying from hitting the porcelain.