Urination on the Hands?

Does Urinating on one’s hands prevent them from getting blisters? I heard that the Chicago Cub’s outfielder Moises Alou does this? Is this true? Thanks

A friend of mine was told by his doctor to do this. He was suffering from cracking, bleeding, dead yucky skin on his hands. I think he said it was stress related. He said he did it and it took about a week to clear them up. All I know is that they certainly look better now.

Lubriderm lotion. Looks better, smells better.

I hope they also wash when they’re done, or would that affect the process?

Isn’t it kind of hard to do this without spilling all over the floor? Not that I’ve tried it…

Seems like you’d do it in the bathtub or shower, or I would if I were so inclined.

Well, I’ve never had a blister on my penis, so…

Certainly cheaper though, you’re going to do it anyway.

Waste not want not.

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada says he does the same thing in spring training and he said he didn’t advise people to shake his hands during that time.

So I’m guessing that if you wash off the urine right away, the “medicinal” benefits may be mitigated.

It’s not about prevention, it’s about treatment. Urine is sterile – prevents infection and aids healing.

Myself, I’d rather reach for a tube of Polysporin, but hand-peeing is something that apprentice labourers have done since time out of mind, as a way to deal with blistering before the formation of hard callouses.

So, would it mend hard cracked heels?

Had to bump this since Slate just ran an articel on this topic yesterday.


I guess you could go stand in the toilet for a bit and find out. :stuck_out_tongue: