URL suffixes, specifically ".srf"

I’ll leave this one to Dopers who are computer-lingo mavens. When I log onto Hotmail, my primary e-mail, the blue title bar at the top of the web page shows a URL which includes the suffix “.srf.” what does this stand for? I’m not close enough to the ocean (about six miles inland) that it could mean “surf”–oh, well… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a Visual C++ Server Response File:

A server response file is a text file containing special tags, also known as a stencil.

A server response file (SRF) is a text file with a .srf extension containing static content plus special replacement tags that can be substituted at run time with dynamically generated content.

SRFs offer the following benefits:
[ul][li]They provide a simple and efficient mechanism for integrating static and dynamic text-based content without writing code. [/li][li]They allow you to control the presentation of dynamic content without writing code through the use of intrinsic conditionals and loops and by simple ordering of the replacement tags. [/li][li]They allow you to mix dynamic content from multiple sources without writing code.[/ul][/li][/quote]

Thanx :slight_smile: