US casualties in Afghanistan-How many?

OK… While looking around this site–>
I found a link to this site–>

The second site is run by Taliban freindlies I’m guessing.
They are claiming to rack up daily US kills and chopper shootdowns.

Now I don’t believe their totals but I cant find any new totals on the web from more “reputable” sources. Did the google search, lots of old stuff.

Does anyone know newer numbers or know someone that has the “Straight Dope” on how many of our soldiers have been killed?

I hate to do a “bump up” on this thread,but someone HAS to know something.
42 is the only real number I saw and thats over a year old.

Is this the kind of accountability we can expect in Iraq also?:confused:

I went to Google, typed in ‘US casualties’ + Afghanistan and the first result was this:

yea …thats an update of the best page I had found…46? sounds good to me and I hope its correct. reading the Taliban site…that sounds damn scary.

Well, I suppose with a still relatively free press it’s difficult to hide casualties, assuming anyone would even want to.