US cities - three words or more?

Looking at the map going north to Alaska I came up with these. But the OP said US, so the ones in Canada don’t count.

California Hot Springs, CA
New Pine Creek, CA
Tierra Del Mar, OR
Oyehut-Hogans Corner, WA
Qui-nai-elt Village, WA
Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA
Union Hill-Novelty Hill, WA
Harrison Hot Springs, BC CAN
Rocky Mountain House, AB CAN
Lac la Biche, AB CAN
Red Earth Creek, AB CAN
Fort St. John, BC CAN
Good Hope Lake, BC CAN
Harding-Birch Lakes, AK

A couple more.

Keough Hot Springs, CA
Death Valley Junction, CA

Round Hill Village, NV not far away.

Ther’s a couple in the Sierras/foothills, like: Lake of the Pines, Little Grass Valley (pop. 2). But the best-named one is Rough and Ready.

White Sulphur Springs MT

Minnesota also has Thief River Falls (near the North Dakota border) and Inver Grove Heights (a suburb of St. Paul).

East Saint Louis

Cool. The hometown of Jimmy Connors and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

But the OP requests no geographic identifiers like north south east or west. So, no South San Francisco or East Palo Alto either.

Los Altos Hills, CA

ETA — Rio Del Mar, CA
La Selva Beach, CA
Del Rey Oaks, CA
Del Monte Forest, CA
Slates Hot Springs, CA
Marina Del Rey, CA
Corona Del Mar, CA
Orange Park Acres, CA
Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
Coto de Caza, CA
Lake San Marcos, CA

I’m scouting the map…

Rancho del Rey, CA
Rancho San Diego, CA
Mountain Home Village, CA
Big Bear Lake, CA
Green Valley Lake, CA
Spring Valley Lake, CA
Mountain View Acres, CA
Bear Valley Springs, CA
Sierra Sky Park, CA
Italian Swiss Colony, CA
Scenic Valley Ranchos, CA
El Dorado Hills, CA
Little Grass Valley, CA
Fall River Mills, CA

Too bad the OP only wants US places, since one of the funniest places around is disqualified: Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, QC

I thought that was in WV. Well, it is, there’s one in both states. Besides White Sulphur Springs, WV also has a Green Sulphur Springs, Blue Sulphur Spings, and Red Sulphur Springs. Yellow Sulphur Springs is in Virginia. All but White Sulphur Springs are unincorporated, so they are probably not what the OP is looking for.

If Canada was included, Quebec has dozens of “St [something] de [something]”. And BC’s “[number] Mile House” of which there are several (although this could be another thread for places whose legal names have digits in them).

Does Land o’Lakes, FL count?

White Bear Lake, MN
I thought that Appomattox Court House, VA, was the name of a town, but I’m having trouble verifying that. Others might know.

In addition to the aforementioned Cut and Shoot, the three-word Texas towns I am familiar with are:

Old River-Winfree
Ingleside on the Bay
Rose Hill Acres

I’m so :flushed:

Well, King of Prussia (mentioned in the OP) is also just a census designated place (it is legally part of Upper Merino Township), so CDPs would seem to be kosher. That part of PA is rife with CDPs in common usage (also recognized by the USPS), use of the incorporated township name is relatively uncommon.

Yeah, King of Prussia is a pretty well-known place, and quite populated. Tysons Corner in the DC area is similar I believe. On the other hand Mt. Healthy Heights, Sixteen Mile Stand, Olde West Chester, and Four Bridges are pretty obscure, unlike other nearby CDPs like Northgate, Landen, Finneytown, or Pisgah. :man_shrugging:

One not yet mentioned is Pointe à la Hache, LA – the parish seat of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

It’s not called that anymore. They changed the name a couple times, first to Nebraska and then to just Appomattox. Also, the town got moved a mile or so west somewhere along the way. The site of the surrender is now a National Historic Park.

Ho Ho Kus, NJ