US cities - three words or more?

What cities in the US have names containing three or more words? We will exckude those with “city” - e.g. NYC and Salt Lake City. Let’s also exclude those with “New”, “Upper”, and similar descriptives.

Examples -
King of Prussia PA
Truth or Consequences NM
Sault Ste Marie MI


El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles.

Of course we don’t actually call it that anymore.

I feel like most will include Saint like San Luis Obispo & San Juan Capistrano and your example.

You said cities. Is that intended to exclude towns?

And do hyphenated names count?

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota is the Walleye Capital of the World.

Well, actually it’s a county. But there’s a town (or census-designated place, or gated community) called Lake of the Woods in Virginia.

Do hyphens count?

Here’s a partial list as well, with places like Half Moon Bay.

… y Porciuncula.

In WI: Prairie du Chien, Prairie du Sac, Fond du Lac, Lac du Flambeau, Land O’ Lakes, St. Croix Falls, and North Fond du Lac (there may be more)


Town and Country, Missouri (a wealthy suburb of St. Louis)

Mentor-on-the-Lake Ohio which is different than just Mentor Ohio.

I used to drive through here quite a lot. Though it’s more of a village, despite the name.

But the OP excluded names with City.

Washington Court House, Ohio

Washington Court House, Ohio

Within a minute of each other! :smile:

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

a/k/a Cardiff

I think we both originate from near there.

Oh heck. :flushed: that’ll teach me to read the OP.

Lake of the Pines, California, may not be a city, but it’s a place.

Gloria Glens Park

Hills and Dales

Sugar Bush Knolls