Us hate this cartoon, it am bad!

it not funny and us hate it…

Us subscribe to it



What’s with the bad grammar? Is that supposed to be funny?

Read the cartoon. If you don’t get it then, ask again. :slight_smile:

They’re speaking like Bizarro, an enemy of Superman.

I already read the damn cartoon, thanks.

See, that’s more useful. I was unfamiliar with Bizarro, since I was never a big Superman fan.

only prolems with Mac Mega be that it am still too fast and not big enough, other than that, me hate it, iPod Single need to hold less song, if it hold 1 second worth of song it be perfect

me hate both, so me plan to buy stock in Bizzaro Apple

I thought it was a comment on the intelligence levels of consumers who will buy the latest gadget that they are told is “must have” no matter how idiotic it is…

Guess not.


I clicked through a random selection of the comics there and one of them was a girl holding an iPod Shuffle saying, “Don’t even think of calling it a TamPod.”

Too late, Hon. That’s awesome.

Sorry, I closed the link before I thought of copying it.



But if you click the “random” button enough you might see it.

That’s the same “url” for all their random comics.

Me am loving this thread so much. It soo funny.

Wait, what is this? Tampod?

This thread so horrible. It stinks.

but why?!?, why you say nice things about thread? what have thread ever not done to you, this thread am bad, really bad, me not know why me posted it

Like me say:

Oh, me not sorry, me thought you say something nice about thread