US law regarding passport seizure

In what instances can a court order someone to surrender their passport? I understand that might-be felons (maybe even non-felons?) have to give up their passport if they’re out on bail so they don’t skip town to Venezuela or wherever. Does this also apply in any other cases? What kind of laws would I have to break to ensure that I can’t legally leave the country for a while, or forever?

And, as a slightly related tangent, how easy is it to get deported? I know of a few people that got deported but that’s more because they lied on their immigration papers regarding their participation in various paramilitary groups; not really what I’m interested in. The question is for those with citizenship in the US, or a even a green card, not people with visas or other ‘lesser’ forms of legal residence.

If you hold US citizenship, where would they deport you to?

This is an excellent question, and I feel stupid that I asked :smack:

Those that got deported for lying on official immigration documents usually had dual-citizenship, like me, but I think some of them only had one citizenship (US) and were still sent back to where they came from.

Assume the question pertains to those with two or more citizenships, if that helps. Bit scatter-brained at the moment :frowning:

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be convicted of or guilty of any crime to have your passport confiscated by the court. I believe if you’re arrested and charged it could be a condition of receiving bail.