US Nuclear sub with all-female crew?

Yes, it sounds fairly unlikely, but I’ve gotta ask. Yesterday at lunch, our receptionist was talking about her daughter, who had joined the Navy some time back. Supposedly the reason for the daughter joining was that she wanted to get into the submarine service. She went on to explain that since the Navy does not allow mixed-gender crews on subs, they’d designated one boat for an all-female crew.

“Just one?”, I asked.


OK, so is this true? If so, which boat?


I read your OP and thought, “boy that sounds like BS”

Then I googled.

ETA didn’t google fast enough apparently.

Interesting. I have absolutely no problems with female submariners but how much training will the sailors have had if most of them have never been on active duty in a sub? Once the program gets running for a few years it won’t be a problem but I’d be worried about the first few tours.

Hmm, Liberty calls are gonna be so disapointing to the girls in foreign ports.


Great, now Russia will tell the Captain she’s fat and start a global nuclear war.

I went there

Check the date of publication of that story in NYTimes. Oops, the website is “”.

It was the day after March 31st.

As I understand it, the objection to women on nuclear submarines isn’t just a matter of mixed crews (which having separate all-female subs would address), but also radiation exposure. Radiation is more likely to affect a woman’s chances of having healthy children than a man’s chances, and nuclear submarine crews are probably exposed to more rems than are surface crews.

I would never even have looked at it , not bad for an april fools joke


Just out of curiousity, do those submarines carry their own launch codes? Or do the codes have to be transmitted to the submarine? Just wondering.

An April Fool’s joke! Dammit. Don’t I feel like a shitheel.

Heh, I fell for it to, even after saying the story sounded like BS. Ah well, hopefully that used up my quota of dumb for the week.

What’s long and hard and full of se…Goddamnit! :smiley:

Heh, if someone hadn’t pointed out the date I probably would have fallen for it too. They played it pretty straight up to the purported quote from the CPO saying, “Now I have to spend 60 days underwater with women? You know how long they take in the bathroom.”

The Royal Australian Navy have mixed crews on Submarines- a female friend of mine is a crewmember on one.

Damn, I hope that the article is real, but would agree that it probably isn’t.

You might need to talk with your receptionist and break the news.

I thought it was a real article up until this:

I knew that would never make it past the editors!

Think of the poor receptionist’s daughter who signed up for the Navy thinking this story was true.

Not a problem (seems they are safer from radiation on the sub than staying home) unless there is some sort of accident with the reactor but then that is a whole other world of trouble.

OK, so the link in the OP was an April Fool’s joke…

But what about women on submarines? Are they still segregated? Were they ever segregated?

Asking about the US Navy, here.