US Open 2015

Well, USGA, you finally got things right. Scores are not low, but the course is playable. The fairway are hard but wide, so a well-placed shot stays in (unlike Pebble Beach 2010.)

The best players in the world are congregated at the top of the leaderboard, as they should. You have to go to T11 for a guy named Cody Gribble to find a guy out of the top 100 in the world, and he’s only played five holes.

At the bottom of the leaderboard, I also have to count up to 11 to find a guy I’ve ever even heard of, Matt Every.

These will probably be the best scores as a group that we’ll see all week as the course dries out and the pin placements get tougher.

Good work. Don’t f it up this weekend.

As I said in another thread, I’ll be watching this. I’m not a massive golf fan, but I grew up about a half-mile from Chambers Bay.

Only one name below Rickie Fowler, and two names below Tiger Woods.

I made my post eight hours ago, in the middle of the morning wave.

Interesting course. Not sure I’d like to play it. Not a huge fan of links. I think the lack of clear borders for the greens - in addition to the lack of trees, would make it really tough to get a sense of distance. The game is going to go to whoever can hit the fairways, and then make the iron shots in. Awfully penalizing rough - which is to be expected in a US Open. But that first one Tiger hit off the side of a hill had me thinking of Ed Norton giving Ralph Kramden golf lessons - “What am I, a mountain goat?!”

A lot of the announcing seemed like an ad for the course and Trent Jones. How many times can they say “Spring silver and summer gold” or whatever bullshit. Liked when the commentator said 17 was supposedly inspired by 17 at Pebble, and asked Norman if he saw the resemblance. Norman said something like “Not at all.” :smiley:

Some of the greens almost impress me as overly “tricky.” I think there was one hole where Day and Fowler were in the same collection spot off the green. Day chipped high and long with a wedge, and the ball rolled back. Fowler used a mid-iron and pitched some 90 degrees from the hole and his ball rolled around like a funnel. Neight enfded up within 10 feet. That didn’t seem right.

Didn’t listen to a any interviews after, but would imagine the players were griping about the way the greens rolled. Weird, they were fast but bumpy. And some of the breaks impressed me as extreme. More like Goofy Golf than the real thing. But that’s just my preference. It is okay to have a green or 2 where they buried the elephant, but every one?

Kinda mind boggling the way they can change the course up. Can only imagine what the directors are thinking. “Today we’ll play the par 4 as a 5, we’ll add 100 yds to this par 3, make that par 4 driveable…” And that is BEFORE they even talk about pin placements on those massive and undulating greens. Sure are a lot of places they could put pins that would be nigh unplayable.

Was painful seeing Villegas take 4 to get out of the trap AFTER taking an unplayable…

Tiger said the usual about short term pain for long term gain, but not sure what woiuld explain for missing a wide fairway with an iron off the tee. And his swing changes don’t explain his poor putting. Will really be a shock to me if somehow or another everything starts clicking for him.

I’d be VERY happy if DJ and Stenson stayed at the top. Would like to see DJ get a major after pissing 2 away a couple years back. Hope his play this year is a sign he got his personal life in order.

Not sure Norman is a great commentator, but I’m not a big Miller fan, so no big loss. Fox seemed kinda frenetic in their edits, switching all over the place. And that stupid camera following the players off the first tee? The announcer kept saying “This is our trailer cam (or whatever they called it.) So-and-so looks calm heading off.” To me just aboout every golfer they showed looked like he was thinking “What the fuck is THAT?!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know how many players make the cut? If this plays true to form, scores aren’t going to get a heck of a lot lower, so anyone at or below par who can stay there ought to be in the mix. Course would be a BEAST in any wind.

Yeah, I’ll be watching me some. Nice to have so much of it in the evening for us midwesterners.

Top 60 and ties make the cut. They used to have a 10 shot rule but they dropped that a few years ago IIRC. (anyone within 10 shots of the leader make the cut).

So, IIRC, based on day 1 that is around +2 or 3. El Tigre’s got some ground to make up. Hard to imagine him shooting 7 under, but he’s done it in the past. The way he’s been playing, I’m not sure if he’d be better off missing the cut or making it and embarrassing himself over the weekend. Of course, he could pull it together after 1 bad round, and if he hangs around even par, he’ll be in the mix come Sunday. Should get an early read when he goes off early this a.m.

I would love to watch it while I’m at work, but I’m pretty sure the daytime broadcast is on “Fox Business News Uruguay Ocho” or something. Oh well.

Very early going, looks like more black numbers than red.
Spieth -1 thru 3.
Hard to imagine anyone going much lower than -5 on that course.

That was my thought, as well. No trees, but at least it’s not going to be scorching hot unless you’re in the shade. I played last Monday in the SF Bay Area when it was 100+ degrees, no wind. I was wiped out for 2 days afterwards. (Serious 1st World Problems, man!!)

Still, fun to watch. More like a British Open, but fun. Would love to see Day pick up his game and finally win a major.

This is going to be tough for the Tiger apologists around here. :slight_smile:

Tiger’s going the wrong way, tho only half as fast as yesterday. + 1 through 2. But I bet they STILL show him pouting 360 degrees around every putt! Even this afternoon/evening when folk with a chance are playing live.

Oh well, makes the DVR go faster as I FF thru all that shit!

Jordan Speith making a move to the top of the leaderboard today.
How about these amateurs who can’t make any money on this tournament. Kinda sucks for them.
Tiger is +3 through 15, in case anyone cares.

Lowest score for the day is -4 by 3-4 guys. Will be interesting to see if anyone in the p.m. flight goes low.

Tiger is +4 thru 16 - suspect he already has the Gulfstream’s engines runnng…

I hope the leaders don’t go too low. Always makes for a fun Sunday when several great players are bunched near the lead. But if a few separate themselves too far and they set the course up brutally, it can make for a boring final round.

I’m sure everyone knows by now, but Tiger missed the cut.

He’s done.

I think he’s been done for a while, but I cannot remember such a fast, and bizarre, fall from grace as Tiger’s.

I’d have to go back and actually look at the year he had before the Thanksgiving Massacre, where his wife went koo koo for cocoa puffs on him with a club in and on his car.

Ever since the sex scandal broke, so did something in Tiger. He’s never been the same since, in fact, not even close.

I remember thinking when he was in his early 20’s that he would have a real good shot at Jack’s major’s record. He had a great run for a while, and if he quit tomorrow, he had a great career, but he didn’t come close to Jack’s record.

It is a shame, from my POV. I don’t know many of the up and coming golfers, and I am at a point in my life where I don’t play or care much about golf any longer. Tiger is literally the one name that might get me to watch golf on the weekend, but no one else.

Maybe if someone gets double digit majors again, I will take an interest, but Tiger was the last golfer I followed regularly. I suspect that he will not want to go out missing cuts for majors, while finishing 33rd in the greater Akron Open, either. He has enough money to step away, so I am guessing he will step away fairly soon. The writing is on the wall for him… He’s getting closer to reading it.

Sad to see him go out the way he is, but he has no one to blame but the man in the mirror. Ultimately, we will never know if he would have passed Jack, but I think if he was on the same path he was on pre-Thanksgiving Day Massacre, we’d still be talking about it.

Tiger looks as old as I feel.

Chambers Bay has undergone some criticism as a course from perpetual crybaby Sergio Garcia, and outspoken but more respected Gary Player. I disagree; if you look at the history of the US Open very often the winner finishes slightly above par, or 2 out of the last 3 times below par. Courses like these are what makes the US Open so entertaining—they are NOT golfer friendly, and challenge the best of the best to outsmart, not just outplay, the course.

My wife was out off by the “ugliness” of the course on TV; I told her it was “brown” because of the fescue grass they use to duplicate the look of some British Isles courses. Apparently its also a challenge to walk, with a lot of steep hills. I love watching golfers struggle through adversity, and coming out on top. This is what this US Open is looking like to me.

Yeah, the US Open is supposed to be played on a public type of golf course. It’s not supposed to look like Augusta. And this is one hell of a course! What the fuck are these guys trying to do by whining in public? Shut up and play the course, Sergio. You’ve made millions off the PGA, and it’s not set up to cater to you.

What I’m not liking is Fox’s coverage. We were watching yesterday, and it was so hard to follow how people were doing because they weren’t, as is the custom when covering golf, showing a player’s score every time he finished a hole. In fact, you usually see their score flashed on the screen every time they’re shown making a shot. I hope they do better over the weekend.

What a round by Jason Day. I’d love to see a Day/Spieth pairing tomorrow!!

Looks like DJ will birdie 18, so JS needs at least one birdie to be in the final group. He’s set up well on 17, but he’s not making a lot of putts. Day is in the clubhouse already at -4, so he gets dibs on the final grouping if Speith posts the same score.

With 4 golfers 3 strokes clear, it’s pretty safe to say that the winner will come from the last 2 groups. If not, this will be a an instant classic.

Well, according to ESPN’s stat department, in the seven times there’ve been 54 hole ties since 1983, five victories went to someone not involved in the tie, so maybe…