US Open Tennis: what happened between Coco Gauff and Naomi Osaka?

I watched the highlights on ESPN. Gauff, the up-and-coming 15 year old was clearly outmatched, and began crying after the match. I cried when I was 15 when my little league baseball team lost, so that is quite understandable. But then Osaka started crying too, and being as accomplished as she is, winning a 3rd round match doesn’t seem to warrant that type of emotion.

I just flipped to the broadcast of Osaka’s current match, and she is now losing (as top seed). Now I just heard Chris Evert say that perhaps the emotions of the other night are affecting her? What’s the whole story here?

Osaka reacted with exemplary sportswomanship and friendship towards her young opponent. The video here has the relevant bits

Now I know what an apparent head case Medvedev is.
Yeah those bloody pesky ball boys.

For all I know her match could be on right now (or even finished?) - Canuck compatriot Bianca Andreescu has had an impressive run with the second-most hard court wins this season, beating 7 of the top 10s along the way. Just recently turning 19, she was 209th in the world a year ago, and has cracked the top ten as of this weekend.
Interesting match-up she’ll have against qualifier Taylor Townsend, who upset no. 1 Simona Halep with an effective net game.

Wow so the Joker bowed out against Wawrinka with his bad shoulder. Shitty that the crowd had to boo him as he left the court. This gets me all hyped up, though, for increasing Federer’s chances to win this. (I was stunned to find out that Roger has won six of the last seven meetings against Rafa! huh!)

And the one loss was on clay, which — well, can’t possibly stun anybody.

I think Osaka simply sees herself in Gauff. Any and every match can be emotional; I don’t think it matters which round it is.

The way Bencic plays is a rock to Osaka’s scissors. According to the commentary, this was third time this year Bencic has beaten Osaka. And Osaka is very good–she earned that number 1 seed. Tennis is not transitive.

With the exits of Halep and Osaka, things are playing out nicely for Serena because those two have given her the most problems over the last year or so. If she can play anywhere near her top tennis, she will have a real shot at getting slam #24.

In the week before the match with Osaka, Gauff had played three times as much tennis as Osaka had (including doubles matches) which didn’t help. The fact that she managed to win even three games against the world #1 at age 15 and more fatigued than her opponent is still pretty impressive. Give her a year and we’ll see her in regular semi- and final matches.

And Osaka was absolutely classy in supporting Gauff post-match. I’m not convinced that this is something that would have handicapped her in the next match, however.

Not seen too much, but are Halep and Osaka like the Belgians used to be for Serena? Henin especially could read Serena like a book. She had to try and overpower her to win.

Halep fits that description, but Osaka is basically another Serena, so she was able to turn her stuff around and send it back just as hot or hotter. Osaka lacks consistency, but she is only 21.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an Andreescu-Serena final. It was too bad that Serena had to retire from the Canadian final, so it would be nice to see a full match between them. Bianca has been on an amazing run this year.

By the way, I just got the invite to go tonight. I’ll see both Serena and Fed play (although might not stay for the whole Fed match).

Well, there you go. Andreescu just seems to always come through in the high-leverage moments. It’s remarkable. Hoping for a good final match on Saturday.

Andreescu beats Serena in straight sets. First woman born in the 2000’s to win a Grand Slam event. Serena has not won a set in her last 4 Grand Slam Finals

Oddly, no man born in the 1990’s (or later) has won a slam

Sorry to see Serena lose, but she’s a fighter — that was quite a little comeback In the second set, especially for a 37-year-old.

Andreescu’s game resembles Serena’s, physicallly and mentally.

Just finished watching a pvr of it (and after a rare 6-pack and concentrates), this Canadian fan is ultra proud of our first ever major singles winner. Serena hadn’t encountered so much power and pushback previously in the tourney. Interesting that when Serena was looking at the draw ten days ago she was asked who she would’ve basically feared the most, and she pointed to BA. (They met briefly in TO about a month ago, so they were somewhat familiar with each other.)
Also interesting that after winning the opening serve toss, BA let Serena serve, who continued to have serving issues in the match; that BA broke Serena in the opening game, game to win the first set, and then the game to win the match shows that the teenager can make a statement without having to hold serve (which also happens to be one of her many effective, powerful weapons).
BA’s all around game is almost all there. Was hoping to see her pull out her crafty drop shot a bit more against Serena, but the latter kept her behind the baseline a lot more than her previous opponents to drop it.
I guess BA could’ve really made a statement by beating SW in the second set 6-1 instead (with match point back then), but hat’s off to the youngster anyway for putting that behind her to still win it.
I think she’s ranked something like 5th now.
Mind blown.
Plum happy.

Yep, Bianca played a very good match. She’s remarkably composed and consistent. It’s been pretty common for young women tennis players to go on a big run and then fade, at least a bit, but Bianca has all the tools to be a top player for a long time. We shall see! But for now I’m just appreciating this run of hers. It might be helpful that this is the last major of the year, so she can take a bit of time to decompress.

I think Bianca had a little hiccup (s) in the second set. After she won Serena had to make it all about her…again.

I watched the end of the match and the presentations, and I didn’t see anything that stood out. What are you referring to?

Serena said, I didn’t show up today, instead of praising the winner.

I see nothing wrong with an athlete owning a loss. That’s not at all bad sportsmanship. That’s looking for an excuse to hate on her.