Wimbledon 2019: Go, go Coco! You're cleared for takeoff, FAA!

Coco Gauff just won her 2nd Wimbledon match! Her expression was priceless when she beat Venus the other day.

And Felix Auger-Aliassime is certainly making a show of it:

I’m not a big tennis fan, but I do appreciate watching athletes of all types play and compete. So far this has been an exciting tournament!

ETA: Just 18, 'FAA' taking flight at Wimbledon; Gauff wins again | AP News

Serena is still in. Ashleigh Barty advanced easily.

Miss Gauff will play Centre Court tomorrow.

Another match on a show court. OK, Venus is rarely going to play away from one at Wimbledon, but Coco’s subsequent two matches being on one demonstrates Wimbledon’s keen eye for the box-office :smiley:

Also Andy Murray - complete with new hip - made it through the first round of the men’s doubles, and if things go according to plan he’s going to be playing mixed doubles with Serena. I wonder where those two will be playing :wink:

Aye; the AP even had a blurb about that:

Kyrgios aced Nadal with an underhand serve today. He also intentionally hit Nadal in the chest.

I watched CoCo’s match yesterday. It was a pleasure to watch two women playing without any grunting and/or shrieking.

Awesome, Bo, for starting this.

Yeah, saw that and had a good laugh. Manoman he sure gets snowflakey with umpires, like, way too often. He’s one of the few players who, when he loses, it always seems like he’s beating more himself than getting beaten by his opponent. Yes, this means he tanks. Not so much today, but in previous matches - hells ya. Surprised as all get-out to hear that prior to today they were 3 - 3 head-to-head.

Felix has been making this fellow Canuck proud. Nice little bit of info from the ATP Tour website:

(Nick) Curious to see how long Andy’s hip lasts. Interesting that he’s paired up with Serena in the mixed. Hopefully he continues on with a substantial doubles career.

Will always be pulling for almost-38-year-old Fed. Maybe the most aesthetically satisfying athlete I’ve ever watched. Not sure if he has a 21st major in him, but I always hope. :o

I too laughed at the underarm ace. He won another point with it later on, too - Nadal just barely got to it but couldn’t get it back. I personally think it’s fine - as Kyrgios himself has said, the object of the game is to hit the ball where your opponent can’t get. Claiming it’s disrespectful to the opponent or the game is nonsense. Should drop shots be banned, too?

I’m not convinced he intended to hit Nadal with the ball, again, when you’re on the baseline and your opponent is at the net, hitting the ball at them can be a legitimate tactic, if it looks like a better percentage play than hitting a lob or pass. And I believe the shot would have landed in if Nadal had not been there - it’s not like he blasted it with the only chance of winning the point being hitting the opponent before the ball lands out. He did raise his hand (albeit briefly) in apology, too.

The BBC commentators (Todd Woodbridge, Boris Becker, and Andrew Castle) were all saying how he should put less energy into that stuff and more into his tennis. Personally, I think Kyrgios is an annoying, rude prick who could do more with his talent, and no doubt could prepare better off the court, but they seem to fail to realise that this whole shtick is his gameplan. He knows he can’t quite compete with Nadal on a purely tennis-playing basis, so he tries to wind him up in various ways. More importantly, it gets his own adrenaline going and makes him a better competitor. It’s a deliberate tactic on his part, not that he can’t control his temper - rather, he’s trying to channel it to his advantage. Coupled with his amazing skills, this makes him box office. And I’ve got to agree with him regarding Nadal’s slowness, particularly when receiving. Several times Kyrgios was ready to serve and Nadal was still faffing about at the back of the court. If I were him, I probably would have sent a serve down before Nadal was ready - or would that be a code violation against the server?

There was absolutely no call for him to berate the umpire like he did, though - uncool, unprofessional.

Seconded. Mainly, I really want him to finish with more than Nadal gets to. He didn’t really have to get out of first gear to win his first match (though he was unbelievably quick to get on to a drop shot early on, which I think disheartened his young opponent!). So much so the commentators suggested he was lacking in concentration. But he got it done very efficiently, conserving maximum energy.

Clearly time to start thinking about a serious, lengthy ban for Kyrgios for all around asshatery, before he does something to really sully the name of the sport- ref abuse, throwing chairs, not giving 100% effort, now hitting players.

Have you actually seen the incident? As I explained, Nadal was at the net and Kyrgios hit the ball hard at his body from the baseline, then apologised. They way you phrased it suggests you think he punched Nadal or hit him with this racquet.

Nevertheless, I agree “all around asshattery” is a pretty good description of his approach. As usual in this kind of situation, the powers that be must be torn between protecting the spirit of the game and banning someone who draws crowds. It has happened many times in many sports.

It was good to see they fined Tomic his entire appearance fee for tanking his first-round match, but that’s more in their interests (no-one is going to pay top ticket prices to a professional play way below their usual standard).

I did- you said you doubt it was on purpose, Kyrgios himself said of course it was on purpose, he tried to hit him square in the chest, hard as possible, and that since Nadal is rich and has many titles, he has nothing to apologize for.

In a couple of years when Federer is gone and Nadal and Djokovic are near the end and with no one else stepping up, he has the talent to reach major finals.

Cant wait to see a Wimbledon final with millions watching across the globe, and he’s down two sets and he just quits trying, doesnt return balls and serves underhand, and what happens then.

Fair enough, I wasn’t aware of that. Not sure why I got into defending him, we basically agree he is an ass. I do find his style of play entertaining though - much more so than Nadal. He does still have the potential to get to the very top, as you say, but it seems more likely he will squander that chance, he needs a change in attitude.

Really enjoying this Gauff-Hercog match. It might be way too early to say this, but we might be witnessing the breakout of an all-time great. She’s just so obviously an incredible natural athlete, and she’ll only get stronger and faster over the next few years.

She and FAA are both in pretty rough matches right now; come on, youngsters! And yeah, I’m pretty sure that Miss Gauff is going to supplant Serena within 2 years to be the best the US has. She is simply amazing to watch on the court. And as you note, she will only get bigger, stronger and better over the next decade or two.

The game sure could use one, male or female. The women’s game currently is Serena and two dozen or so more who could win a slam and then could just as easily lose in the first round in the next one, And Federer-Nadal-Djokovic with absolutely no one else poised to be a star when they retire.

Congratulations, Miss Gauff! Way to go, Coco!

ETA: Not looking good for Felix, tho. :frowning:

Coco WINS!

She showed some mental fortitude in winning today. No reason to not be bullish on her future.

Next up for her is #7 seed Halep on Monday. Halep was the #3 at the French Open, made it to the Quarters and somehow down to the #7 seed at Wimbledon.

Coco is getting great support from the Wimbledon crowd.

No surprise about the support eh:

She’s young, so she’s different from most other players; that gets noticed.

She’s very, VERY freaking good; that gets noticed.

She seems to not be at all a jerk; that gets noticed.

And she’s a rookie, the very definition of “underdog”, and people love to root for the underdog.

Of course they love her at Wimbledon. :slight_smile:

Seeding at Wimbledon is based on performance on grass. Halep is presumably worse on grass than on other surfaces. I don’t know if other majors seed based on surface, but Wimbledon definitely does.


FAA has landed. Good try, Felix!

That link says

Checking against the WTA rankings, the seeds match the rankings for Seeds #1-9. Oddly Serena is #10 in the WTA rankings yet seeded 11th at Wimbledon

IMO, any player that would get a benefit of doubt for seeding, it would be Serena. And she is seeded worse than her WTA ranking