So, what's up with Wimbledon?

I mean, how many times does that Roger Federer have to beat Savak before it counts? I think I’ve seen him play Savak three times since Friday, beating him by the same score each time. When does it finally count? So what if Savak used to be a Vulcan? You should still only have to play him one time.

Also, can we please have some kind of rule against grunting whenever a player hits the ball. Mrs. Evil Captor, who doesn’t watch Wimbledon, says the men’s matches sound like gay porn. So I ask her what the hell she’s doing listening to gay porn and she just gives me this evil laugh. What the hell is up with that?

Yes, the rain delays are annoying, why do you ask?

What’s your view on the shrieking during women’s matches? :wink: Watching Maria Sharapova play is bad enough, listening to her is worse.
I wish I was actually watching this, but Venus Williams is at the end of a good one.

Federer’s win over the Vulcan may count more than once, actually, since his fourth-round opponent withdrew due to an injury.

I think I may have to rethink my position that ballgags have no place in tennis.

That said, I like watching Sharapova play all right, when her game is on.

Yeah, there was a match this a.m. where Serena Williams was on the verge of crushing Huntachova in two sets, and then she came down with a really nasty leg cramp, but it looked like it was about to rain, so Serena elected to play despite the cramp, and it got to a tie breaker in the second set with Huntachova leading 5-2, and the skies let loose and play was suspended. That was exciting.

I predict that when play resumes in the match, Huntachova is going to do everythign she can to make Serena run. Be interesting to see how it comes out.

Good point.

If they were white ballgags, Wimbledon might approve.

I find her style very dull. Then again, if most of her opponents can’t beat such a predictable game, there’s not much to be said for them.

I predict that when play resumes in the match, Huntachova is going to do everythign she can to make Serena run. Be interesting to see how it comes out.
They stopped in the middle of the fourth-set tiebreak, I see. If Serena can walk alright, I think she’ll muster her toughness and just win the tiebreak to get off the court.

In any case, Federer has nothing on Jimmy Connors, who came back against Krickstein 17,142 times in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, of course. I’m no barbarian.

What can I say, I like long rallies where the players work to get each other out of position or force an error.

Serena lost the second set tiebreak, but then managed to pull out a win in the third set even though her legs were clearly working at 50 percent at best.

The person I really feel sorry for is Huntachova. Couldn’t beat Serena even with a huge advantage in terms of mobility. Kept sending returns and serves right into Serena’s wheelhouse so she didn’t have to take a single step to hit them. Really bad strategy, if that’s what it was. I’d be pretty damned depressed if I was Huntachova. It’s one thing to be beaten by a top competitor. It’s another to be beaten by a crippled top competitor.

Yeah, that was a hell of a long match.

I’ve never heard of Savak. Perchance do you mean Marat Safin?

Hantuchova. Hantuchova.

Tomato, tomahto. (Yeah, whoever it was that they showed Federer defeating over and over and over again during the rain delay/Sunday layoff deal.)

I’ve always felt the opposite, that she didn’t play with much strategy. But to each his own.

I always liked Hantuchova, but a lot of the second-tier players just don’t have the mental game to compete with the Williamses or Henin. Venus was down 3-5 in the third yesterday and everybody knew she was going to come back and win the thing, and she did. Same thing with Serena today. I do agree with you, though, I feel bad for the players who are right on the brink of victory and just can’t get their nerves under control.

Strange turn in the Nadal match, though.

Hantuchova, then. Whatever the name, that loss to Serena has to BURN!

I like it when the females grunt. Turns me on. :smiley:

OK, I’ve had it.

It is now time for the networks to say, “Get some kind of fucking roof over that stadium of yours or kiss all our money goodbye! Face it, June is your fucking RAINY SEASON!!!”

At LEAST get a roof to put over center court when the rains come, so they can broadcast at leasta FEW new matches each day. I’m fucking sick and tired of turning on Wimbledon and seeing Federer play Ferrero. I don’t care if Ferrero is the former vice presidential candidate’s son, it gets tiresome!

That’s exactly what they’re doing. The roof is supposed to be ready for next year.

I heard it won’t be ready til 2009. Bastids.

Now it’s my turn to ask what’s up with Wimbledon: Henin loses to the much-less-experienced Marion Bartoli, leaving Venus Williams with a clear path to the title? WHUH? And Roddick blows a two-set lead against Richard Gasquet, wiping out the supposedly-inevitable clash with Federer!

Of course, some people call Gasquet mini-Federer, and we know Roddick can’t handle the regular-sized version. Djokovic-Nadal should be an interesting semifinal, too.

Huh? Are you talking about Geraldine Ferraro, former U.S. vice presidential candidate?

I didn’t know she had a son who plays tennis. Actually, she doesn’t.


Got me. I have made a lot of mistakes along those lines, like the essay in which I argued that Sandra Bulloch was the model for a Gor novel published in 1976, or the essay where I argued that Kyle McLachlan’s father, Fyddich McBraeskirm McLachlan, once auctioned off the Spice Girls’ mothers as slaves.

At least I don’t go with that tired old Illuminatus stuff.

I’m with you on this, but mostly I’m pissed off at the coverage. I didn’t watch much tennis yesterday, Real Life and all that, but when I DID tune in what I saw was another fricking rebroadcast of fricking Federer vs. fricking Ferrero! I’m not kidding! Why couldn’t they have Bartoli/Sharapova on their fricking Wimbledon loop tape? Or Roddick/Gautier? Matches that, you know, MATTERED, and which hadn’t been shown half a dozen times already?

Did they even show Bartoli/Sharapova or Gautier/Federer at all?

I like Bartoli. Makes good pasta.

Time zone trauma.