So, what's up with Wimbledon?

They’re rebroadcasting Gautier/Federer right now. Helps a little.

Great final today!! I was hoping for a different outcome but was very happy that it wasn’t a snoozefest like the ladies’ final.

Evil Captor, Bartoli didn’t play Sharapova. Sharapova was soundly trounced in the quarter-finals by the eventual winner, Venus Williams. Bartoli did beat both Jelena Jankovic and Justine Henin before being defeated by Williams. If they showed the Henin-Bartoli match, I missed it, too. Rats!

I must say that Bjorn Borg, whom I had a massive crush on as a wee lass, still looks mighty fine. And he’s in his 50s! It’s just a damn shame that neither Nadal nor Federer are movie star handsome. :smiley:

This was the best match I’ve seen since Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played an entire match without a break of serve.

I thought Nadal was going to win!

Yeah, the men’s final was by far the best thing about Wimbledon. Wish I’d seen Bartoli/Henin though. Does anybody know if it was even broadcast? I mean, they must have shown that boring Federer/Ferraro match four times.

The Hawkeye system can totally eat my ass. Federer’s got brass balls and a heart of steel to get his mental game back on track. Also, Johnny Mac should just shut the fuck up.

Otherwise, classic match. Enervating. I am amazed and inspired.

Hawk-Eye. Yep, if Federer had lost the final then this would have gone down in history as the Hawk-Eye final. Roger hated Hawk-Eye anyway, he must really detest it now.

I’d love to see the testing procedure and results for that system. I remember reading that it was considered accurate to 3mm. Presumably that means that 99% or whatever of balls were called to within 3mm of their true position (as judged HOW exactly? High-speed cameras I assume?) Which makes it pretty farcical when balls are called in by 1mm. IMHO they should admit that Hawk-Eye cannot be that accurate, and come up with three possibile results: IN, OUT, and TOO CLOSE TO CALL, in which case either the original call stands or the point is replayed.

Either that or level the playing field by having Hawk-Eye call every single line call in real time, sounding a buzzer instantaneously (or as near as possible) when a ball lands out.

This was a great match - Bartoli was well out of it, but showed real fortitude to come back.

You could see the colour drain right out of Henin’s face when she lost her serve in the final set.

Bartoli’s also got the oddest style - double-handed forehand and backhand, but switching grips between shots.