US Representative calls for journalistic investigation of Congress

In an interview tonight with Chris Matthews of MSNBC on his Hardball show, Republican Representative Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota, called on journalists to investigate liberal members of Congress to determine who among them are “anti-American”. Yes, that’s the word she used. And yes, she was serious. You can probably find the video and transcript on Hardball’s website.

For debate is whether this woman is as batshit insane as I believe her to be. She has already determined that Barack Obama is anti-American, and she wants to know whether there are others of his ilk lurking in our halls of government.

She spoke, incidentally, as a surrogate for the McCain campaign. Maybe we need to take a second look at the notion of demonic possession inasmuch as the entire McCain campaign seems to be devoid of morality and decency. And defenders of Bachmann here?

After Dylan:

Now Barak Obama is a Muslim spy
Biden, Pelosi and that Jefferson guy
Now the only Ma’am
who is a true American
Is Sarah Palin
I know for a fact she hates Muslims since she shot an Islamic Moose.

That’s from Talkin’ Republican Party Paranoid Blues.

I just watched that segment, un-friggin-believeable. Chris Matthews was brilliant in letting the Congresswoman hang herself out to die. I just hope the press trashes Palin and her “association” with an organization that wants to secede from the United States. At least Obama isn’t sleeping with Ayers.

I expect Fox News to rise to Bachmann’s challenge immediately.

Bachmann is beyond crazy. Every photo I see of that woman she has the clear, unblinking stare of someone whose connection with reality is throwing a 404 error.

Did she say “terrorist,” “anti-American” and “the American public has questions*” enough times?

Here’s the link:

I’m getting a whiff of idiot-savant. Well, half of that anyway.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel was livid and quite articulate in her dismay at the rhetoric, disingenuousness and scaremongering contained in Bachmann’s remarks.

Don’t give the operatives and push pollers any ideas, please.

Previous threads on this person. BTW, title of that thread was "US Rep Michell Bachman (R-MN)…Batshit Crazy. " Lib, you stole this!!! :slight_smile:

I watched the entire interview. Chris had Michelle so confused she lost all coherent thought and resort to scripted responses. Michelle actually made Palin look intelligent. I’m not even sure she realizes what she said.

Talent borrows. Genius steals.

BTW, you want to know how tough the winters are up here? Michele Bachman is 23.

I’m worried this shit might actually gain some traction.

What I found just as outrageous was the robo-call cited in the interview, which actually appears to say, taken literally, that Barack Obama helped William Ayers commit acts of terrorism.

MN-06: DCCC Poll Shows Bachmann Kissed up to Bush Too Many Times

Looks like Bachmann’s got the Republican base, plus a little more.

People voted for this fruit-cake?

Tidbit: Rachel Maddow says that between the time the Bachman bit was shown on the Tweety Show and her air time, $30,000 had been contributed to the campain fund of Bachman’s opponent.

[hijack]Sometime, you have to start a thread about how you ended up in MN. [/hijack]

Brilliance files off the serial number.

It got diaried on the Daily Kos along with links to the Orange to Blue fundraising campaign and I think also Tinklenberg’s campaign website.

What is this *Daily Kos *of which you speak? Or did I just get whooshed?

Did she provide any clues as to how journalists should determine the anti-Americaness of these Congresspeople? I’m gonna guess that it will closely relate to how often they opposed President Bush.