USA Dopers: Which "region" is your current location?

Please refer to Self-identify your “Region” for the background of this poll, and specifically to the blugillion choices to be made for what constitutes region in this post.

For purpose of this thread and poll, I’ve selected the choices at this site which has this grouping:

Central - States included: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas
Mid-Atlantic - States included: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
Mid-South - States included: Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee
Mid-West - States included: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
North-East - States included: Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
Pacific-West - States included: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington
South-East - States included: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina
West - States included: Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

Just for the poll’s sake, pick the one where you currently live. And if you want to correct the term for your region (either more specific or more general) please post to that effect.

With all the geography themed threads in the works, I figured what’s the harm in one more! :slight_smile:

Public Poll on the way!

OOPS! Something’s wrong here. I’ll try again later!

Never mind the OOPS part. Something was squirrelly and now it’s not! :slight_smile:

Same as it has been my entire life - North East. However, my entire life has NOT been New England since I did live in NY for a couple years.

too many links to click, didn’t bother before voting.

Midwest, but I think Great Lakes or Big Ten Country is more appropriate.

At the 16 votes point, no WEST votes. Too early?

Now we have a WEST vote! I think of New Mexico as Southwest, but it does count as part of the West- it was the home of Billy the Kid after all.

And I’m enjoying all the geography themed threads- I even started a couple of them.

At 21 now and all regions are accounted for.

You might find some fun at

Some Geography Trivia Fun: Degree Confluences

Who would have thought that an alphabetical listing could be bell-shaped?

View Poll Results: USA Dopers: Which “region” is your current location? — Please See OP before voting!
This poll will close on 01-08-2015 at 09:16 AM

Central       1 3.57% 
Mid-Atlantic  4 14.29% 
Mid-South     3 10.71% 
Mid-West      6 21.43% 
North-East    7 25.00% 
Pacific-West  3 10.71% 
South-East    3 10.71% 
West          1 3.57% 

Voters: 28

I remember that thread- and I remember being disappointed that all the locations in New Mexico had already been visited. No reason I can’t visit some of them anyway- the closest one to me is only about 20 miles away and easily accessible.

Looks like my Mid-South buds are tired of polls about The South and such. :frowning:

I’m on the west side of the Continental Divide and not on the coast, so It’s “West” for me!

Interesting the OP included the Mid-Atlantic and South-East, but lumped the entire West Coast into one region. Southern California is different from Northern California (why mention Central California? :stuck_out_tongue: ), which is different from Oregon, which is different from Washington, which is different from Alaska. And the east sides of California, Oregon, and Washington are quite different from the west sides.

Interesting groupings. CO is almost always listed as a Western state, Texas and ND together? Huh…

I wonder what the criteria they did their splits on is? It’s interesting, I’m not complaining.

Voted “Pacific West”, even though it is a term I have never heard before today. In Washington State/Oregon people think of their region as “the Northwest”. Trust me, we avoid being linked with California whenever possible.

Yeah, and it strikes me as odd that NY is listed with all the New England states when it’s actually mid-Atlantic. Is the OP someone who doesn’t know the New England states? There’s a surprising number of educated people who don’t…

Missouri is part of the Mid-South? Definitely the SE part, but there is no way I would classify Kansas City as part of the Mid south.

Okay. Y’all have convinced me that I picked one of those “regions” maps that wasn’t as optimal as I had hoped.

Maybe another grouping later after we give this one a little while to run. I’m certainly not wedded to it!

If you see a better “regions” map/site let me know your preference. Either that or just do your own poll! It’s not all that much of a hassle.

I should have read the OP. I’m in Kansas, voted “Midwest” while wondering “What on God’s green Earth is ‘Central’?”…then realized SOMEONE thinks there’s a region called that, and moreover, that I live in it! Oh, well. (“Great Plains,” okay. But “Central”? That’s just a time zone.)