USA Sevens (rugby)

Well South Africa and Fiji are playing out the big final in the USA sevens tournament in Las Vegas now. In a bizarre switch the lesser finals (including USA v Japan in the sheild final) are on afterwards.

Any dopers watching?

I am actually. I want to get into rugby, seems really interesting and frankly kind of ba haha, so I am going to make an effort to start following it. Im huge into all the USA regular sports obviously, football, basketball, baseball etc, but I want to span to international sports, and it was an awesome game to watch.

Good on you - sevens is quite different from the real game. And sevens will be an Olympic sport at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The next tournamnt this year is the big one in Hong Kong on the 25-27th of March you might have to hunt around to find US coverage.

I’m a huge fan of standard Union, but I just can’t seem to develop an appreciation of Sevens. It just seems too chaotic, you never see phase play, and there’s a ton of high/dangerous tackling. What am I missing? It’s great that there will be rugby in the Olympics, but I’d rather see a full-on match than Sevens.

Fortunately Super Rugby is starting soon, and the World Cup will be sweet. I’d give a body part to be able to get back to NZ to see a match in person.

I know next to nothing about Rugby. However, I find the rules [only backwards passing] interesting and it is among the better options available to me (Broadcast TV with HDTV converter, I don’t have cable or a dish.)

There was a USA / JPN game on today.

  1. It was listed as a “Shield” game ?!

  2. At the time I tuned in, It looked like US had 1 and some fraction of a point. WTF ?!

Sevens tournamnet have a rather complicated structure you can see it here.

Usually there are four teams in four pools. A team plays everyone in their pool and are ranked 1-4. Teams 1&2 go on to the Cup & plate competitions - teams 3&4 go onto to the Bowl and Sheild rounds.

Not sure what you saw - fractional and single points can’t happen in rugby (either form).