USA Today--Sports Section--Why the Dog-Eared Pages?

I won’t pretend to say this is a fact all over the world.

But I just may get the SD “Oscar” for the most mundane thing ever posted.

If you are staying in a hotel, look at the lower right-hand page of the Sports section. Do you see a few corners turned up there? Like, maybe a half-inch of that part of the paper dog-eared?

I’ve only begun noticing it the last few months. But I have seen it without fail at the Fairfield Inn in New Stanton, PA, and also in the Four Points by Sheraton in Greensburg, PA. And, it has been such every day!
Anyone else noticed this, and does anyone have a clue as to why?

When you’re sitting on the john and haven’t finished the article…

My guess is poor quality control at the local printer.
I’ve never worked on a newspaper press, but I assume they operate similarly to the web offsets in the pressrooms I did some service in many years ago. After the continuous sheet of paper (the web) is printed, it is folded and trimmed. There are a number of fine adjustments you can tweak to ensure that the folding and trimming is within the desired margins. (If this had been printed in one of the places I worked, I’d suspect the guy responsible for offloading might have been upstairs in the john getting high…)

Hmm. Interesting. That could be it, maybe a local problem with wherever they print it for this area.