Usama Bin Laden

Some questions for those in the know, if I may.

  1. When was the last confirmed sighting of Usama Bin Laden?
  2. Where was he when the sighting took place?
  3. Does the US government have any idea where he is?
  4. He is one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives. He isn’t an American, so if he is actually located, how are the US supposed to get their hands on him? Is he wanted by Interpol?
  5. Is Bin Laden currently in hiding?
  6. How do the US government know Bin Laden is responsible for the embassy bombings he is wanted for?
  7. With a US $5 Million reward on him, his organisation would have pretty much come to a halt, right? At least under his leadership? Wouldn’t a lot of people be willing to dob in him and take the 5 mil?

Thank you for your time.

  1. Not sure but I remember reading an article that said he was last sighted at a wedding (his son’s I think) that united 2 big terrorist factions.

2)Don’t remember when this took place, late 2000 I think, but it was in Afganistan.

  1. Yes, Afganistan.

  2. No idea and probably.

  3. He’s found sanctuary in Afganistan.

  4. Not sure but I think he might have claimed responsibilty. Also, some of the conspirators in those bombings are on trial, and one of them cut a deal I beleive.

  5. I guess not. He seems to still be active. Also, his followers are all hardliner Islamic, the kind who don’t value life (see embassy bombings), so I doubt if money will sway them. Never say never though.

There are several problems as far as the West is concerned when dealing with Usima Bin Laden.

He is a very wealthy oil magnate, or at least the son of one, and has access to resources of such magnitude that even the attempts of Western intelligence agencies to compromise his followers are likely to fail.

He was used by the US as a conduit of resources to the anti-Russian resistance in Afghanistan and the set-up has generated an infrastructure which is very difficult to penetrate.

Lord alone knows what information is available to him about the dealings of Western intelligence agencies in the Mid-East, in other words he knows where the bones are buried and I’d doubt that the US wants them exhumed.

If the US truly wanted him out of the way it would be able to do it but it has it’s reasons, the $5mill reward looks to me like the US is trying to seem like it’s doing something but no more than that.

Did you know that Prince Charles recently dined at a Saudi Arabian banquet attended by his Osama Bin Laden’s brother? A newspaper article reported that last Monday.

It says: A source at the event said: "Prince Charles and Prince Khalid were standing there greeting guests when (Bakar) Bin Laden’s turn came.

"Prince Khalid said to him: ‘This is Mr Bin Laden’ and Charles’ eyebrows shot up. He said: ‘Not the Bin Laden?’

"Prince Khalid said, ‘No, no it is his brother’ and Prince Charles turned to him and shook his hand.

"Then in a bit of mischief, Prince Charles asked Bin Laden: ‘What is your brother up to these days?’

“I have no idea what his answer was,” the source said.

I hope you haven’t read all that before. I was a bit shocked by it to tell the truth. Bakar Bin Laden is definitely no Kaczynski. If Prince Charles seems slightly mercenary to you I’d like to say that I also read an account of moves he made while in Saudi Arabia to seek justice for Americans being held in prison there. Their fate will be quite horrible without help.

Do you have a cite on this banquet? It sounds pretty UL-ey.

RE Usama bin Laden

No, fraid not. He’s the son of a Yemani origin construction company magnate.

Well, I think this misstates the relationship. bin Laden went to take part in the “jihad” against the Soviets under pan-Islamic groups’ auspices. Same groups worked with the CIA. His relationship, as far as is known to date, was tangential.

Bother, I doubt he knows jack about CIA operations in the Mid East. Afghanistan perhaps, but then if you really want to find out such info its really not hard to…

You sound like the Arab conspiracy theorists I’m afflicted with on a daily basis.

It’s not that easy to track down someone who (a) is surrounded by fairly devoted and motivated followers (b) lives very simply and low-profile © is holed up in an extremely dangerous and unstable environment – Afghanistan-- Action Movies notwithstanding.

One more item, valuing life. I’m hazarding the opinion Bin Laden’s people value life, they just don’t value their (percieved) enemies lives. And are willing to take shots where they can. A very nasty game. It’s misunderstanding these guys to view them as bizarre, alien killers. They’re folks with a beef, and feel they are locked in a deadly game with a bad-ass enemy (USA). I dislike these bastards, but I don’t think they’re anything but joes with a bad beef.

Try this:

click News, Contents, Saudi Arabia.

The article I copy typed (in part)is not on-line unfortunately but it is from a reliable source.