Where is Osama Bin Laden

It seem very strange that with all the resources at its disposal, the US government claims to know nothing regarding Osama Bin Laden; where he is or whether he is alive or dead.

One counld be excused for thinking that it is very convenient for Osama to be out there to keep the pot of public opinion bubbling to support the “war on terrorism.”

What do you think?

June 24, 2002 – President Bush wants terror master Osama bin Laden toe-tagged by Sept. 11, 2002 - the first anniversary of the attacks that killed thousands of Americans in New York and Washington.
Sources told Time magazine that U.S. military officials are now planning a summer campaign to ferret bin Laden out of his mountain hideaway on the Pakistani border.

The president’s edict comes at a time of growing frustration for U.S. forces hunting bin Laden in the rugged Afghan mountains.

Six months after indicating the elusive bin Laden’s capture was at hand, Pentagon officials now admit the al Qaeda leader “has gone missing.” In December, there was optimism he had been killed in an air attack or had died from kidney disease.

On Fox News yesterday, Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) said, “Our best intelligence estimate continues to be that he is alive and probably some place in those tribal areas on the western side of Pakistan.”

Look closely on page 7 - the circus page - he’s over by the elephant enclosure near the kid with the three red balloons. He’s got cotton candy in his hand.

…okay, I’m sorry, but I can’t shake the “Where’s Waldo?” images whenever this question comes up.

I think he’s hiding behind the fern in the “undisclosed location” they’re stashing Dick Cheney.

OK Fine I’ll bite…this has been beaten to death but here goes:

Most likely the Al Quaeda had a plan if Bin Laden went missing or was killed in a Tunnel (which is most likely what happened).

They would make a series of tapes, some with him in them and other without him. These tapes would be distributed at targeted times so as to throw our gov’t off balance a little when we went searching more and more. Also, with all the ‘sleeper’ Al Quaeda supposedly around, and the media being a perfect way to communicate to them, there is most likely a ton of info we just don’t know.

The structure of the Al Quaeda has been noticeably weakened but don’t forget there are a thousand Bin Ladens out there, all wanting Americans to rot, so even when we do find and kill Bin Laden, it will just be someone else… Now that Bush has given the order to kill Saddam, its all out war against the US and all fanatical terrorist groups. Imagine having a stealth bomber loaded with all kinds of nastiness and destruction, poised to kill YOU, with YOUR name written on all the missles…I don’t know about you, but I’d be soiling myself right quick…

I think he’s dead and enjoying his 70 virgins about now - and the US government knows all about it. If he’s known to be at room temperature, the big danger is that he will become a legendary martyr, a’ la Che Guevera, with all the attendant motivation for his halfwit followers. With no public display of the body, the US military is free to search all over the place, “looking for Osama”. If he’s proven to be dead, they’d probably have to pack their crap and go home.

They seek him here—they seek him there—they seek bin Laden everywhere!
Is he in heaven—is he in hell—that demned annoying infidel?

Really? Whenever I hear it, I think of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”.

u know hows theres pictures of “mr laden” everywhere?
why didnt the photographer do us all a favor and shoot the idiot (not with a camera) in the head when he had a chance?