USB Adapters: Two-Part Question

Is there an adapter to mate a full-sized USB male end with a USB mini port? Also, even weirder…is it possible to find an adapter to go from a USB cable into a parallel port?

I have the worst of all possible worlds. My desktop PC has a dead parallel port, and my external CD-RW burner has either a dead USB cable or a dead USB port. But, the port is mini…and I don’t have a spare USB cable which will mate.

a) Do such adapters exist? b) Would it just be cheaper to buy a USB cable with a mini-end to test the USB port?

What a mess! It’s a hardware conspiracy, I tell ya! :wink:

  • Jinx

I should explain that the external drive has both a parallel port and a mini-USB port. Hope this helps clarify the situation. - Jinx

For your printer problem, I think something like this would be right up your alley: USB to Parallel cable