USB Joystick Issues

Ok this is the oddest PC problem…I have a fairly new Thrustmaster USB Joystick. It worked fine for months. Recent;y I tried playing a game and…no joystick. For some reason my PC sees a “thrustmaster joystick” when I unplug it, and briefly flashed it in Game Controllers (W98 1sted). All other times, however it just lists it as a HID USB device and does not list it as a joystick. It even recognizes it when it is first plugged in but decided it’s best driver is a HID USB device. I tried another TM USB stick, same result. Help. Computer nerd in crisis!

Um… driver uninstall/re-install? (Heh. You hear the one about the car full of help-desk support guys that… oh nm.)

Run SFC.exe reinstall hid.dll case closed