USDA Grad School Spanish classes?

Hi, all. I’m seriously considering learning Spanish - it’s a very useful skill for a public-interest lawyer to have. I have no Spanish experience whatsoever, so I’ll have to start off with an introductory course.

Have any Dopers taken the USDA Grad School’s intensive introductory course? If so, what was your opinion of it?

Does anyone have any recommendations for other introductory Spanish courses in the DC/Northern Virginia area?

I took some USDA Russian language classes when I lived in DC. I thought it was pretty good. The instructors generally knew what they were talking about. Gave me a good head start before I moved to Russia.

The price is right but as I recall the books were not cheap. They were college textbooks.

If I had stayed in DC longer, my friend and I were going to take Lithuanian so that we could essentially speak in a code that no one would understand, other than the odd Lithuanian.