Use By Other Than Registered Owner (milk-crates)

I bought a couple of “milk crate” style storage boxes at a shop, and they are prominently labeled (molded right into the plastic):

“Use by Other Than Registered Owner is Punishable Under Law.”

Yeah, sure. Is this some kind of quirky joke, or something left over from Blue Laws of the 1910s? Is this like getting thrown in jail for cutting the tag off my pillow?

Worth noting, I never “registered” my purchase, so these boxes are still “registered” to the store I bought 'em from. Do I need to pack my toothbrush and report to state prison?

Probably not a great idea to mention, on the internet, that you have in your possession stolen milk crates. But, I guess it is too late for that, eh?

Seek legal help, immediately.

Try I’ve found their lawyers useful. It’s free.

That’s the least of his worries; I heard he tore the tag off his mattress.

Sounds about as threatening as those tags on mattresses.

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Milk crates as used by milk companies and other companies are not give away storage boxes. If these are your milk crates do you want someone else coming along and taking them?

Those things are worth money, they’re very valuable to people who recycle the polypropylene. They get stolen a lot because they get left outside behind stores and restaurants.

These are manufactured to be sold in places like The Container Store.

There is no registration process.

Did they just copy the mold from a manufacturer who actually did have a registration process?

(I also transfer prescription medications into bottles other than those the meds were originally issued in.)

Why would there be a registration process?

Probably copied the mold. Again, why a registration process?

Tell this to your lawyer. I wouldn’t mention the prescription meds or the mattress thingy.

And used a product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

How timely! Earlier this week I stumbled on an article that touches on this very topic.

Why It’s Illegal to Use Milk Crates for Anything Besides Milk

I guess it didn’t help that they were the perfect size for 12" record albums.

From the linked article: “It’s true. Pennsylvania code does indeed criminalize unauthorized ‘use for any purpose’ of a milk crate stamped with the name of another company (as mine are).”

The crates I have aren’t stamped with any company name, so this particular idea isn’t the explanation.

Missed the edit window: I’ve just sent a question to the customer service department of the store where I bought these. I’ll let y’all know what they say.

I’ve only ever stolen them (misdemeanor at best), never bought them (felony, receiving stolen property).


Ain’t the legal system great?

The best that money can buy!

They use the same mold, since I’m assuming they are made by places that make milk crates for dairies. It’s probably a cost cutting measure.

That makes sense! Thank’ee!

Just in case, make sure your passport is current.

Nah, that’d leave a record.

Best to pay a [del]coyote[/del] etoyoc to sneak you into Mexico, then go overland to El Salvador, get false papers, then travel onwards to, say, Thailand to hole up while the federal Milk Crate Police seach in vain for you back in the US of A.