Use for 1,000 Cds ?

Is there a way to soften them? I guess you have 1,000 tries. But if you can, and find a way to seal the bottom, you can have cereal bowls, ash trays, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

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Sure you can soften them just throw then on the fire…

Are they glass or plastic?

They make handy “mirrors” when you feel you’ve got something in your nose (really this works)or something in your teeth.

If you have a pet bird, hang one in the cage…the reflective nature (not as good as a mirror) still intrigues them.

I’ve seen on TV where people put weird things on their cars. One guy had grass growing on his vehicle (a Chia car?), why not glue CDs all over your car. You’d be the talk of the town.

As one poster suggested, how 'bout holiday decorations. Next year you could have a contest for the most creative CD decoration in your office of computer geeks, hey I will join in :slight_smile:

Hang them in strings for a 90s beaded doorway…hey you can do retro without trying to be Greg Brady.

Instead of playing Horseshoes, play CD Toss.

Indoor “hole-in-one” golf. It’s cheaper than those kits you can buy.

YES! :smiley:

that’s awesome. As for the CD car, where I used to live there was someone who owned a clock-covered car. Really cool. Since the huge CD thing may not be as practical, I’ll change my vote to the CD car :slight_smile:

Gee handy, sorry to hear that you think they’d work for that. They barely fit over my husband’s pinkie finger . . . .


ah, another reason to advocate the huge CD idea. . . :o

CDs are the perfect size to be used as wheel covers on a childs wagon.

I reckon you have had quite a good response. Therefore I think that you should choose a lucky winner and give them the whole bloody collection.

Good idea ! I liked this one…

“Stick one on your forehead and pretend to be a doctor.”

from Sylence but that only uses one CD and the gag is only good once. Nope, I’m keeping them. I also found out they make good signal mirrors for rescue planes just like the old boy scout mirror with the hole in it. There’s some divine purpose of global significance out there for them.

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