Use for 1,000 Cds ?

I work in the computer biz and over the years I’ve snagged over a thousand CD’s from anywhere I could. They’re all full of obsolete stuff so I want to use them in a “creative” way. The only thing I could come up with was to find somebody throwing away a big satellite dish and cover the inside of the thing with CDs and make a huge solar furnace to cook with and burn things. Supposedly they make nice coasters too but that seems like a waste. Anybody have any good ideas ??

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I see an ultramodern backsplash for your kitchen. Nail 'em on like shingles.

Indoor fireworks. Turn out the lights in your kitchen and pop one in the microwave oven for no more than 3 seconds. It’s pretty spectacular.

Easy one-step assembly instructions.
Pour Beer A in Uncle B.

Could make a funky suit of armor… or an acadamy awards dress.
Computers have let mankind make mistakes faster than any other invention, with the possible exception of tequila and handguns.

Do you have a dog? I’m thinking frisbee with the dog.

Mobiles for the kids.

Are they all AOL cds? I think just about anyone in the world could build up a collection of those freebies.

My mom works for a CD-ROM publishing company that had a surplus of (blank) CDs a few years back. They make awesome Christmas decorations. Either hang them on the tree with ribbons, or get a string of large-bulb lights and attach the CDs around the base of the bulb so that the shiny side reflects the light. Pretty cool, no?

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Overlap them and use them as scales on a giant sculpture of a fish.

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You could always glue them to the ceiling of your bedroom right above your bed, for those too cheap to go out and buy a real mirror :slight_smile:

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Do you really feel a need to use them all at once? After all, you could figure out “1001 Uses for 1001 CDs” and then write a book about it. Y’know, things like:

CDs make great coasters.
Two CDs wired together can make funkier glasses than even Elton John would wear.
Poker chips (“I’ll see your AOL and raise you a CompuServe.”)
Glue twenty or so of them into a little column and use them to display your bowties or fezs.

If you do feel a need to use them all at once, I recommend tiling a wall with them (or the bedroom ceiling, for that amazing combination of kinky and nerdy).


Die, Prentiss, Die! You will never have a more glorious opportunity!

I must be the only firearm enthusiast, sorry gun nut, here. AOL CDs and obsolete software make wonderful targets.

get a black magic marker, a red magic marker, and make yourself some snazzy playing cards.

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500 pair of earrings. Sell 'em on Ebay. Somebody will buy them.

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Following Padeye’s suggestion: Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka “Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers”) are always pushing their “Save the Skeet” Foundation. E-mail them at and see whether they want to use your CDs in an exchange program to ransom captive skeets.


Design a fully automatic gun that fires razor-sharp CD’s.

Stick one on your forehead and pretend to be a doctor.

Paint them like giant coins and use them to pay at a restaurant.

Super-glue them to someone’s car. Shiny side out or label side, up to you. Call the local news.

Melt them all down and make one HUGE CD.

Eat them.

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I am now trying to collect all the obsolete CDs I can find – though I don’t think I need more than a couple of hundred of them.

I have an endless problem with squirrels in my fruit trees, and this past fall the L.A. Times ran an article about some lady who has successfully kept the squirrels off her apricot tree by hanging old CDs on them, like ornaments. I’m game to give it a try!


Sell them as penis rings.

Re-tile the bathroom.

Wishing all you at the SDMB Happy Xmas and a GREAT 2000 and beyond!

Re-tile the dog.

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