Use of "Lady" in Sports Team Nicknames

What, no mention of Milwaukee’s Pius XI High School Lady Popes?

At Louisiana Tech, women’s basketball players are Lady Techsters. The team’s first coach refused to call the team the Lady Bulldogs because, well, you know what they call female dogs.

The Lady Cowboysconjures up a little known picture of the Old West.

I hate it, but most athletic departments, not all, think it’s necessary. I think it goes back to when most woman’s teams were formed and the men in charge wanted to let people know their girl athletes were still feminine.

Some schools which have “cowboys” for their nickname actually use “cowgirls” for the women’s teams:

While that exhibits a certain symmetry, it just doesn’t sound right. Search images for “cowgirls”, and see what you get, for the most part.

For more fascinating mascots, check out this ancient thread.

I humbly bring it up because it’s one of the few threads I started that went anywhere.

DePaul used to be the “D-Men” for DePaul Men. Before the changed it to “Demons” you would have had Lady D-Men

Agreed. That’s why I wish they hadn’t changed it. A lot of times I see the ESPN ticker on the screen show my team just beat the #1 team in the country. It scrolls by so fast that I have to check on the internet to see it was the WOMEN’s team that won, not the men’s. Like you said, gender equality and all, but most people could give two shits about the women’s team at their school…

Lady Bulls reminded me of Lady Rams. Fordham’s WFUV used that moniker in women’s BB coverage at least thru the mid 90s. I suppose it was better than the name of the old LA Ram cheerleaders: the Embraceable Ewes. :rolleyes:

-ettes used to be popular, but I think just for high school girls’ teams.

Centenary’s women’s teams are simply the Ladies. Makes sense, though, the men are the Gentlemen.

If it takes you to the description of the last basket of the game to figure out that it isn’t the mens’ team, you’re not paying attention. :wink:

By the way, isn’t your state home to the Lady Gamecocks? Let’s Go Cocks!

“Lady” should be eliminated from any sports name, unless you’re going to call the male players “gentlemen.” “Ladies and gentlemen” are for social purposes; otherwise, I’m a woman and you’re a man. Simple, eh?