Use of leftover ranch dip?

My wife called to tell me that we have some leftover ranch dip from my son’s V-Day party. Are there any interesting recipes that call for ranch dip as an ingredient? I like it on hamburgers, but that isn’t really what I had in mind.


I make chicken salad with ranch instead of mayo. It’s good that way.


Make mashed potatoes with it. Mush it in instead of (or in addition to) milk and butter.

Not really interesting, but I’d eat it! Nom nom nom!

I’m giggling at the idea that your wife called just to tell you about leftover ranch dip.

“Hi, sweetie. There’s ranch dip left over.”
“Dammit! What will we do with it?”

1st thought: Leftover? Damn kids have self control. There is NEVER leftover when we have any.
2nd thought: Keep it and eat it over a few days.
3rd thought: It was a come-on from your spouse. You are to get home fast and find interesting “uses” for the “dip”. Your name for this exercise is Wavy Lay.

Kind of similar, I love to make the Stove Top Stuffing and mix in ranch or blue cheese dressing. It’s good

I also mix it into scrambled eggs as well

As others have said, it is good in scrambled eggs.

I bet it would make some good oven-fried chicken. Coat some chicken pieces in the dip, roll them in panko crumbs, and bake.

This is what celery and carrot sticks are for. Also cauliflower florets. I mean, what’s the problem? You just pick up another bag of celery or carrots, or buy a head of cauliflower. There’s no need for any recipe, unless you have gallons of the stuff.

You could make buffalo chicken dip, if you have enough. Or you can scale this recipe to what you do have.

8 oz cream cheese
12ish ounces of ranch or bleu cheese dressing
cooked and shredded chicken - maybe a couple of cups worth? One of those large cans of chicken would probably work, too.
8 oz Frank’s Red Hot sauce
1/2 to 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

In a medium oven proof bowl, cream together the cream cheese and ranch dressing. Top with the shredded chicken, then pour the Red Hot over everything. Sprinkle the cheese on top, bake at 350 for 20ish minutes, or until bubbly. Serve with chips, crackers, and pita breads for dipping.

That’s not the exact recipe I have, but it’s pretty close. I can check tonight if needed (of course, then I’ll have to locate the recipe - not sure where it is right now).

Who knew you could do so much with ranch dip?! I’m going to try the mashed potatoes route, methinks…

Time to stock up on potato chips . . .

Add it to cottage cheese; add tomatoes and croutons.

Place the following ingredients in a soft tortilla and make a buffalo chicken wrap:

Diced chicken breast
Ranch dressing mixed with a few drops of hot sauce
Shredded lettuce
Diced tomatoes
Shredded cheese

Roll it up and you’ve got instant deliciousness.

Definitely the last thought on this list. Better pick up some rubber sheets on the way home, lest there be staining.

What exactly is ranch dip? Is it somehow different from ranch dressing?

They are essentially the same thing, though the dip is a little thicker.

Which brings me to the point that you could thin it down with a little milk or buttermilk, and use it as salad dressing.

I’ve seen some ranch dip seasoning packets, and I believe that the dip is made with cream cheese or sour cream, but I can’t remember which. I know that the old fashioned ranch dressing packets called for mayo and buttermilk.